The History of the Camera

By CC7Lily
  • The Very First Camera

    The Very First Camera
    By leaving the shutters open for eight whole hours, Joseph Nicéphore took the very first picture by camera. He took it with his camera called "Camera Obscura". Although the photographic image was taken, it is slightly blurry from fading out a little bit.
  • The Daguerreotype

    A better camera was invented by Louis-Jacquez-Mandé Daguerre. His invention was called Daguerreotype (from his last name). This camera was more advanced than the previous "Camera Obscura" because the photo did not fade at all. Also it only took half an hour to capture the scene.
  • A New Process

    A man named Fredrick Scott Archer came up with a way to take a picture using a camera in only two to three seconds. This process was called The Collodion Process.
  • The Panoramic Camera

    The Panoramic Camera
    In Sutton, a new camera was invented and approved. The camera is called the panoramic camera. Panoramic cameras have the ability to take photos of wide scenes by taking pictures of different parts of what is trying to be captured, and putting them together. Generally, this is used when the photographer is taking photos of wide, beautiful landscapes.
  • The Kodak Roll Film Camera

    The Kodak Roll Film Camera
    The Eastman Company invented the Kodak cameras with a roll film. These camera were sold for twenty-five dollars. The films of these cameras was unique because could contain a maximum of 100 pictures (which was a lot) and they were able to flex, bend, and roll without braking because they were so lightweight and thin.
  • Turn on the Flash!

    Flash for cameras was invented by the company "General Electrics". It is important to have a flash on the camera because it causes the photos to be brighter. This is important because when a picture is being taken in the dark, it is still clear enough to see.
  • The Kodacolor Negative Film

    The Eastman company came out with a new camera, the Kodacolor Negative Film. This was one of the first cameras that took colored photographs, so it was an important event. Imagine what it would be like if we still used black and white cameras!
  • The Underwater Camera

    An amazing camera that has the ability to take photos underwater was invented by the EG&G company. Even though the cameras go underwater, they do not brake, unlike most cameras. The cameras were meant for the U.S. navy.
  • Click and Print

    Click and Print
    Cameras were invented that, not only have color, but also print the photograph right out of the bottom of the camera immediately after it is taken. This type of camera was invented by the company Polariod.
  • Cameras Today

    Cameras Today
    Today, we have cameras that can delete photographs, store them, download them to our computers, zoom in or out, focus, and take vidoes. Anyone can buy an underwater camera now, not just the U.S. navy. We also have digital cameras, and cameras on our phones. Photos can be edited in many different ways, too.
  • Cameras in the Future

    A new camera has just been invented by Lily Ryan. To take pictures with this camera, all you have to do is tap your finger, because the camera is located in the center of the finger print of your finger! Depending on where you tap your finger, it will do different things; if the nail is tapped, it will take a picture of where ever it is facing, and if the bottom of the finger is pressed, it will take a video. The incredible camera is so microscopic, you can't even tell if someone has it or not!