The History of Television and Film

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  • Multiple Inventions within the 1880s

    Multiple inventions began working on various sorts of moving picture cameras or motion picture cameras
    The first films were created by the end of these ten years
  • First Public display of films

    Within these ten years the first public showings of the films which public showings of the films which have been created took place within the 1890s
    The first theater was built within Philadelphia in 1899
    Film companies began building film studios in around 1990
  • The Great Train Robbery

    In this year, Edison Corporation produced the first western, and established the use of shots and editing in film.
    This also marked the growing popularity of narrative films over daily life scenes or news.
  • Edison's Kinetophone

    Edison invented the Kinetophone, making talkies (a talking film) an option for film makers.
    These type of films did not become popular until twenty years later.
  • John Logie Baird

    Transferred a television signal from London to Glasgow through a telephone line.
    Demonstrates the first ever system for recording a television broadcast.
  • November

    First television live broadcast