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The history of photography

  • Jan 1, 1571

    Johannes Kepler was born

    JOHANNES KEPLER was born.
  • Publication of 'Camera Obscura."

    Johannes Kepler published "Ad Vitellionem Paralipomena" conning the term "camera obscura."
  • Using the lens with the "telescope."

    His use of the telescope in this year was the foundation for his 'Dioptrice' which suggested improvements to the room camera using the lens.
  • Portable camera "tent."

    Kepler's portable camera obscura (tent) is described in a paper, 'Reliquiae Wottonianae' by Sir Henry Wotton, to lord Francis Bacon. This is one of the earliest English language descriptions given to the camera obscura.
  • The portable camera obscura was invented.

    Johannes Kepler, he coined the term “Camera obscura” and invents a portable camera obscura
  • Johannes Kepler died.