The History of ICT By A.E.

  • The First Computer Programmer

    A good website for more informationAda Lovelace is considered to be the first computer programmer. She helped Charles Babbage on projects and was good friends with him. She asisted him on the analtical engine project and is an inspiration to many people.
  • First Programmable Computer

    A Good Website for More informationA Good Website for More InformationThe Difference Engine was the first ever programmble computer. Charles Babbage, born in 1791, developed the Difference Engine, the first machine able to calculate more than one sum and make hard copies of the results. Although he planned all of it, Babbage never got round to finishing it; he ran out of money!
  • First Online Plane Booking System

    A good website to useThe experimental electromechanical Reservisor was the first airoplane booking system. Created by American airlines, It started an online booking revolution that still goes on today... for example, you can easily book a weeksholiday in a foreign country in 20 minutes for free!
  • First Computer Game

    A Good Website for More InformationThe First Computer game was invented by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann. It was a missile simulator that used a cathode ray tube (a laser creator). The game wasn't sold to the public, despite it's potential money making ability.
  • First Electronic Computer

    A Good Website for More Information The IBM 701 was the first electronic computer. It was unveiled to the public as an Electronic Data Machine. IBM (International Business Machine Corporation) sold 19 machines to research laboratories, aircraft companies, and the federal government.
  • First Computer Mouse

    A Good Website for More InformationThe Computer Mouse was develpoed by Douglas Englebart in the 1960's. He was working at the SRI (Stanford Research Institute). The Mouse was originally called `X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System`!
  • First Computer Animated Film

    A good Website The Hummingbird was the first computer animated film. It lasted for 10 minutes,and was created Charles Csuri and James Shaffer.
  • Internet Invented

    A Good Website for More Information In 1969, the internet was revealed to the world. Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc. were commisioned to make the network. Originally, the internet was made to solve the problem of getting hosts to talk to each other. The IMP (Interface Network Processor) was sent to UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and it grew from strength to strength.
  • The First Arcade Game

    A good website The Galaxy Game was the first arcade game. It made its debut at Stanford University. Bill Pitts and Hugh Tuck developed it. It was originally a single player game, but it was then modified to be a multi-controler game- eventually, it could have 8 controlers.
  • First Handheld Electronic Game

    A good Website Mattel introduced the first handheld electronic game with the release of Auto Race. Mark Lesser developed it whilst worling at Rockwell International. In 1977, it hit the shelves, and it was an instant hit! Mattel Football came a year after, and it was even more successful!
  • First Sat Navs are Sold

    A good website for more information The sat nav was first developed in the 1970s, but then wet under extreme refinement, so an appropriate model came out in the mid 1980s. This meant that the world transformed! No longer did you have to be amazing at map reading to get anywhere, but you could just type in an address... and go! Now, you can get so many varieties; including a Yoda speaking voice!
  • The World Wide Web Developed

    A good websiteTim Burner's Lee invented the World Wide Web. Appearing in the London 2012 Olympic Ceremony, he is famous for his brilliant gift to the world. With parents who both wrked in mathematics, it seemed he was destined for a logicly thinking job.
  • Smart Boards changed teaching forever

    A good website for more information The smart board changed teaching forever. Sparking off a chain of interactive teaching aids, this unique contraption is easy to use, so children can understand. It has a pen tray with pretend pens. The board reacts the the pressure of the pen and makes the image appear on the screen.
  • First Self-Checkout

    A good Website to use NCR installed its first self-checkout at Ball's Food Stores in Kansas City in 1998. This was a shopping revolution. The popularity has grown from strength to strength, with 2008, there were 92,600 self-checkout units worldwide. The number by 2008 reached 92,600, and is expected to reach 430,000 units by 2014!
  • Myspace Invented

    A good websiteIn Beverly Hills, California, Myspace is sometimes condidered to be the first real social networking site. In 2006, it far suppassed Google for the most viewed website in America! In 2008, Facebook suppassed it and it lost its title. However, Myspace will always have a place in the history books/ebooks of social networking.
  • Facebook was invented

    A good website to useDustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Mark Zuckerberg and Chris Hughes together invented the biggest social network website in the world... Facebook! Mark Zuckerburg was an ICT student at Harvord university, and originally made it to make a `hot or not `page where you could compare student and say if they were `hot or not`. When the website was closed down by the university execs, he made a new model of Facebook. Ever since, it has made over 5.84 billion pound PER YEAR!
  • Youtube first released

    This huge empire started when three PayPal employees created a website called `` where people could view, upload and share videos. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim were all qualified in some sort of computer degree, and invented the major website we know today. It was an angel-funded business that started its days being created from a garage. Sequoia Capital invested $3.5 million into the business, and popularity rocketed in the months afterwards.
  • Qzone invented

    A good websiteSuprisingly, the third largest social network in the world is not MSN, or snapchat... but Qzone (Chinese website called QQ空间). This website is very popular in China and was an instant hit. Tenncent made the website so that you can blog, send messages, send photosand isten to music. You have to pay most of the time; for example, you have to pay for certain features and for the mobile app.
  • Twitter Invented

    A good questionJack Dorsey started developing Twitter in March 2006. The idea is you can follow people and post things called `tweets` up to 140 characters long.
  • The Wii released

    A good website The Wii was made by Nintendo, run by Dan Adelman . The Wii has even broken the record for the most sales in one month in the USA! It uses controlers so you can use your whole body to play games. It has been followed by the X-box and other machines.
  • Tumblr invented

    A good websiteDavid Karp and Marco Arment started developing the site in 2006. It was launched in 2007, and is gradually growing in popularity. However, it has had problems. In 2012, it was attacked by a wom that critisized blogging and encouraged users to harm themselves.
  • First I-Phone launched

    A good Website Apple, directed by Steve Jobs, sparked of the biggest idea of the technological world; the smart phone. Since the first release, they have sold thousands of phones. Other companies such as android are now releasing smart phones too; but many think that i-phones are still the best.
  • First Tesco Clubcard

    In Malaysia in 2007, Tesco released their first clubcard. They started by giving the clubcards to Tesco extra custumers in Malaysia, followed by it being rolled out accross the world. They made the clubcards so that they can keep track of what you buy so that they can send you offers and promotions in relation to what you like and buy.
  • I-Player Launched

    A useful website I-player went live in 2007. It was the first time you could watch what you want, when you want. It was a technolecal revolution! Since, other companies have followed suit, with them releasing ITV player and other websites like it.
  • First Ipad Released

    A good Website The first ipad was another technological revolution by Apple. Once again, they sparked off a trend; tablets. A lot of people now have a tablet, whether made by Apple or other companies that have copied. The product is still getting better, with more features with every new version. The Ipad keeps on going from strength to strength.
  • Instagram Invented

    A good websiteIn San Fransisco, Kevin Systrom developed instagram. Its unique purpose was to share pictures and to comment on them. It is a 14MB app and is now available in 25 laguages. By Decemeber 2010, it has over 1 million regisered users! By April 2012, there was over 30 million users! By August 2011, over 150 million photos had been uploaded! Users have to be above 13 years of age, and they do have rules in place to protect users. It is still growing from strength to strength!
  • Premier Inn Launched the mobile app

    A good Website The easy to use app made by te premier inn is proving to be very useful to them. In the first three months of business, the app was downloaded around 250,000 times and it made the company over 1 million ponuds profit! I seems that the public does value a good nights sleep!
  • 3D Printing

    A good website3D printing used to be just a dream... but now any more! You can print out 3D objects and use them! or example, a student printed out a gun, and fired it! A 3D printing shop opened last week in London and people think it is the first of many! Many people think that soon, people will be able to walk into a shop and print anything- from toys to life savihng body parts to weapon parts! Also known as additive-layer manufacture, it was first developed in the 1980s but is only now moving into shops.
  • First Self-Driving Car

    Research is currenty being undergone by many universities into this particular field of research. They are using expensive lazers and cameras positioned around the car to make the journey safe; however, a lot of tests will have to be done to make this new breed of car legal. There is obviously a worry that a computer driven car will not react fast enough to environmental, daily changes (eg- weather, time of day, pedestrians...). However, many people are dedicated to contributing to this idea.
  • Tablets Instead of Meals

    Is eating old-fashioned? To time-consuming? There is a ground breaking idea that reasearch if going into... food pills. You would no longer have to eat an evening meal, but just take a tablet. This could help people around the world; you could send mass tablets to disadvantaged countries and they would have no cell by date, so there would be no problem with the food going off... it could stop world hunger ALL TOGETHER! On the other hand, I don't think it will take off in the U.K.
  • Televisions in 10 yaers time

    In 10 years time, a lot of things can change in technolegy. I think they will all be 3D, maybe even 4D! Also, I think they will have many features and things like i-player will not become a privilidge, but a normality. In addition, they will become tough screen as well, and all controled by movement and your voice. However, thiscould become a problem. Its might take a lot of energy to carry out these functions and the computer will find it hard to distinguish between wanted not wanted movement.
  • Computers in 10 Years time

    A good website Soon, computers will be completely different. The speed of the internet will be almost instant, with you being able to access information on the world wide web in an instant. They will be able to use less energy and need less recharging. Everything will probably go touchscreen, making things smaller and easier to carry and move around. There will probably be voice control.
  • Robots in 10 years

    This new idea will save us time, money and energy. Currently, there is lots of research going on at many univerities. A ground breaking robot has been developed to sit down. Although this seems like a simple concept to us, it is a very complex cocept to programme a computer. However, I think this will get dangerous. If the robots go wrong, they could harm us. We would also have to be careful not to give it feelings, because if we did, it would be slavery and it would be slavery.