The History Of Flim

Timeline created by xoxo.ahmada
  • Winning A Bet

    Winning A Bet
    Ex California governer Leland Stanford made a bet with someone "Do all four hooves of a horse level the ground simultaneously."
  • First Celluid Flim

    First Celluid Flim
    George Eastman marketed the first celluid flim.
  • Kinetoscope

    THE DATE ISN'T TRUE! In 1891 Edison built the Kinetoscope or Peep-Hole viewer.
  • Black Maria

    Black Maria
    The first film production was invented
  • Kinetoscope In New York

    Kinetoscope In New York
    In 1894 the first ever kinetoscope was opened in new york
  • Fred's Otts Sneeze

    Fred's Otts Sneeze
    One of the earliest films made was Fred Ott's Sneeze: a short film of a guy called Fred Ott, sneezing for the camera
  • The Lumiere Brothers

    The Lumiere Brothers
    They were the first credited with the first public flim screening.
  • The Trip To The Moon

    The Trip To The Moon
  • Edwin .S. Porter

    Edwin .S. Porter
    Made the first story flim The Great Train Robbery
  • Nickelodeons

    Admission was only a nickel
  • Ethal Barrymore

    Ethal Barrymore
    Wanted actress to be heard