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  • The First Movie Released

    The First Movie Released
    Objectively, the first film is from the United States, specifically Indiana. Inventor Charles Francis Jenkins used his creation called the Phantoscope to record a woman dancing on a wall. Then Thomas Alva Edison would buy the patent on the invention to call it the Vitascope. This first movie still had no sound
  • First full-time Cinema

    First full-time Cinema
    The first cinema open to the public 24 hours a day was opened in Los Angeles in 1902. It was called The Electric Theater and most of the films still had no sound.
  • Talkies Movies Are Released!

    Talkies Movies Are Released!
    Background sound and spoken dialogue began to be used in the films of that year. The first spoken film is titled The Jazz Singer, which in its year of publication boomed worldwide
  • The Debut of Stereophonic Sound

    The Debut of Stereophonic Sound
    During the period of time between 1953 and 1954, the films began to evolve in the sense of sound quality and other sound aspects. The stereophonic sound marked a stage in cinematography starting like this the beginning of the modern movie theater era.
  • Dolby Digital

    Dolby Digital
    This new "Dolby Sound" sound quality would be the new era of movies. With a series of audio compression technology, reduction of the size of the audio files, just developed by Dolby Laboratories, the audio of the movies would be much more realistic
  • First Digital Projectors in Cinemas!

    First Digital Projectors in Cinemas!
    Before the start of the new millennium, the first digital projectors were released in theaters in the United States so that they could later be used worldwide. From that moment on, the graphic quality of the films would reach the point of being classified as realistic.