The History of Film

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  • First Film

    First Film
    The film "The Galloping Horse" was filmed in 1878. It was made after a bet. The bet was "can a horse run with all four feet off the ground." To prove this, Muybridge took multiple cameras and took pictures of a horse running, and, when put together, an illusion of movement was created.
  • Vitagraph Studios is founded

    Vitagraph Studios is founded
    Vitagraph Studios helped propel the silent film era, helping to produce many of them, like Black Beauty, although that film was produced in the 1920s. Eventually, Vitagraph would be purchased by Warner Bros.
  • First Animated Film

    First Animated Film
    The first surviving animated film is made by J. Stuart Blackton. This is the first ever animated film, and it was made by illustrations and it's called Humorous Phases of Funny Faces.
  • The Jazz Singer is Released

    The Jazz Singer is Released
    This film signified the beginning of "talkies" which are films that include sound and dialogue. This film also showed that talkies have a lot of potential and that they are good ideas.
  • Modern Times is Released

    Modern Times is Released
    Modern Times, although this is another silent film, it was created by Charlie Chaplin, and it's one of his most popular films. He is very important because he started putting comedy in his films.
  • Mary Poppins is released

    Mary Poppins is released
    This film was Walt Disney's first big live-action achievement, and was the only film from Walt Disney himself to be nominated for an Oscar.
  • First Blockbuster

    First Blockbuster
    In 1975, the film "Jaws" was released. The film made $472 million, with only a budget of $9 million. This was huge, and it also made the concept of watching films in the summer a very popular cultural aspect.
  • Rise of Action Films

    Rise of Action Films
    The 1980s, along with the 70s, saw the rise in action films and big blockbusters, including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and Jaws. These films also made Spielberg the most prolific and popular director in the modern era of filmmaking
  • Rise of CGI

    Rise of CGI
    With the release of Jurassic Park, CGI had become a big deal, with a lot of CGI being used in the Star Wars prequels, starting with the Phantom Menace
  • Motion Capture Technology

    Motion Capture Technology
    Motion Capture technology would continue being made and expanded upon, with the Polar Express advancing it tremendously
  • Highest Grossing Films

    Highest Grossing Films
    Avengers: Endgame became the highest grossing film in 2019, making over 2.7 billion dollars. The second and third highest grossing films also made over 2 billion dollars, those films being The Force Awakens and Avengers: Infinity War. All films were produced by Disney,
  • 2020s in film

    2020s in film
    The 2020s have just begun, and with it, films have been noticed to use a disgusting amount of practical effects, and films in the future are expected to do the same