The History of English

By MarieBB
  • Period: Oct 8, 1066 to Oct 8, 1470

    Middle English

  • Oct 14, 1066

    England is a trilingual nation

    With the nobles and the Norman/English king speaking French, the common people speaking Old English and the bishops and priests speaking Latin.
  • Oct 8, 1348

    English replaces Latin as the language of instruction in most schools

    It became more common to speak English, so they started teaching in English in schools
  • Oct 8, 1362

    English replaces French by law

  • May 11, 1476

    The first printing press was set up

    Books could easily made and more common people could get books.
  • Period: Oct 8, 1476 to

    Early Modern English

  • Shakespeare invented about 2000 new words to describe or explain

    He invented words like "eye-ball", "alligator", and "hobnob"
    He also came up with catchphrases and sayings
  • A new version of the Bible was made: The King's James Bible

    The King's James Bible was filled with new metaphors and sayings, that affected English, and the metaphors and sayings are still used today
  • Period: to

    Modern English: Scientific words were invented

    Words like "ohm", "watt", "chromosome", etc. were invented
  • The first daily English-language newspaper, The Daily

  • The first featured English dictionary was published

  • America gained its independence from Britain

    The wanted a new language to their new nation.
  • Period: to

    Modern English

  • Noah Webster published his first American dicticonary

    He wrote that a difference between British English and American English was an object of vast political consequence.
  • The Oxford English Dictionary is published

    It's a more sophisticated dictionary, with grammar.
  • The Internet English

    The first email was send in 1972.
    The Internet arrived - a free global space to share information, ideas, etc.
    Words like "download", "toolbar", "blog" were invented
  • Period: to

    Global English