Future city terrorist attack

The History of Chorazin

  • Founding of Monac Securities

    Israfil, in the guise of Wotan Vadderung, founds Monac Securities
  • Computer Tech Breakthrough

    In 2034 a multinational partnership of computer engineers and physicists succeed in creating the first viable quantam computer constructed on an atomic level.
  • Genetics breakthrough

    Using a 6th generation quantam computer, Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences) and other members of the European Science Foundation (ESF) complete thier work on several genetic cures, that lengthen the human lifespan dramatically.
  • Period: to

    The European Conflicts

  • Period: to

    Britannia formed.

    The refugees of The European Conflicts relocate to New York, forming the community of Britannia
  • Distribution of Genetic Cures

    After 20 years of testing, the work done by the ESF is confirmed to be safe to use on humans, and it becomes available in hospitals and clinics worldwide within months.
  • Vakarian Security Services founded

    Gregiory Vakarian, a Russian veteran of the European Conflicts founds Vakarian Security Services
  • Huihuang Baoshi

    Huihuang Baoshi, China is designated the worlds first Megalopolis.
  • Chorazin

    New York City is renamed Chorazin,, and designated the worlds second Megalopolis
  • Edwin Knight born

    Edwin Nathaniel Knight is born
  • Nicoli Chzov born

    Nicoli Chzov is born in Russia.
  • Octavious Reed Born

  • Carlos Hathcock and Havien Ntugentratine born

  • Jessica Kint, Shadow Daviks, and Nihlus Macala Born

  • Olivia Blanchett born

  • Luke Bane born

  • Jack Tanner born

  • Amy Locke born

  • Cira Avicci born. The Arrangement Begins

  • Titania Kovex born

  • Tyler Faeka born

  • Carlos meets Tyler

    Carlos kills Tylers parents, and takes him on as an apprentice. (the Apprentice)
  • Carlos meets Jessica

    Carlos and Jessica come to an agreement, which involves him being on retainer to her. (The Apprentice)
  • Tyler meets Jessica

    Tyler is heavily scarred in a confrontation with Jessica, starting the collapse of the agreement between Carlos and Jessica. (The Apprentice)
  • The Main Plot Starts

    The Beginning of the End, The Means to an End, and Family Reunion
  • Cira meets Jessica

    I Fucking Hate My Birthday.