The Harder They Fall Book Timeline

  • Luis Acosta discovers Toro

    While traveling with his traveling circus, Luis Acosta first discovers Toro Molina in the village of Santa Maria, Argentina.
  • Acosta and Toro begin to box

    After seeing the money to be made in boxing, Acosta has Toro taught boxing and has him begin to box.
  • Acosta and Toro come to America

    Acosta, after seeing the kind of money he could make boxing in America, convices Toro to travel with him to America to box.
  • Acosta meets with Lewis

    Ascosta first meets with Eddie Lewis to tell him the story of Toro Molina.
  • Toro first fights in America

    Toro has first first fight in America, a practice couple of rounds to see what he's got. It's here that everyone realizes that Toro is a horrible fighter.
  • Toro arrives in Los Angeles

    Toro, Lewis, and other members of their entourage arrive in Los Angeles to begin training Toro.
  • Toro Molina vs. Cowboy Coombs

    Toro has his first real (fixed) fight against Cowboy Coombs, which ends with a Toro pulling off a victory.
  • Acosta is forced to leave.

    Luis Acosta, having been forced out of his controlling share in Toro's contract, is forced by Latka to return to Argentina.
  • Toro Molina vs. Dynamite Jones

    Toro fights Dynamite Jones who, despite having been paid to take a dive, tries to win the fight instead, leading to the throwing of the towel and a federal investigation.
  • Toro Molina vs. Oscar DeKalb

    Toro beats Oscar DeKalb in four rounds.
  • Toro Molina vs. Tuffy Parrish

    Toro beats Tuffy Parish.
  • Toro Molina vs. Chief Thunderbird

    Toro beats Chief Thunderbird in a match was fixed to look as in Thunderbird had gotten a worse beating than he actually did.
  • Toro Molina vs. George Blount

    Toro beats George Blount in a fourth round knockout.
  • Toro Molina vs. Gus Lennert

    Toro destorys Lennert in the ring and, due to Lennert's surprise at the force of Toro hits, combined with the injuries Lennert sustained in his previous fight, kills Lennert.
  • Toro Molina vs. Buddy Stein

    Buddy Stein absolutely destroys Toro in their fight at Madison Square Garden. This fight ends Toro's career as a first rate boxer and begins his career as a second or third rate one.