The Hard Life of Ryan White

By sdool17
  • Ryan Was Born

    Ryan White was born on December 6, 1971 in Kokomo. Although, he was not like other babies. Docters soon found out that he had severe hemophilia. They found this out when they circumcised him, and he didn't stop bleeding.
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    The Hard Life of Ryan White

  • Pneumonia

    When Ryan was 13, he was feeling sicker and was experiencing flu like symptoms. Later when he went to the hospital, he was diagnosed with Pneumonia. After a two hour surgery taking out part of Ryan's lung, his mom recieved news of Ryan's health.
  • Ryan has AIDS

    Ryan was discovered to have AIDS. Although, he didn't know about this. Docters told his mom the bad news. However, Ryan's mom wasn't that eager to tell Ryan what is happening to him. She decided to tell him after CHristmas.
  • Ryan Finds Out

    Ryan's house was robbed the night before. The Christmas his mom wish she could show Ryan was nonexistant. HIs house was robbed and the presents meant for Ryan and his sister were gone. However, the day continued to get worse. Ryan's mom told him that he has AIDS.
  • Denied

    Superintendent James O. Smith Denied Ryan's admittance to school. The problem is Ryan's AIDS. This happened in Ryan's old school in Kokomo.
  • Ryan's First Day of School With AIDS

    Ryan's school is playing hardball and is not letting him enter the school. He can only comunicate with his class and teachers via telephone. Origionally, Ryan enjoys this idea until he realized how lonley he was.
  • Fight for School

    After many battles in court, a Howard Country Health officer determines if Ryan is able to enter school. The Health officer determines that Ryan is permitted to enter the school. Ryan is fir for school, even though others still fight to get him out.
  • Cicero Indiana

    Ryan and his family moved to Cicero Indiana. They did this with the money from the movie that was made about Ryan's life. He enrolled in Hamilton Hights.
  • New and Better School

    Students from Hamilton Heights greet Ryan at his house to welcome him to Cicero. They inform Ryan that they learned about AIDS in school due to his arrival, and no one at the school is afraid of him. He makes many friends here, gets a job, and has a girlfriend.
  • Death

    Ryan was 18 when he died. He was in Riley Hospital in the intensive care. His blood pressure had dropped to dangerously low levels and was still falling. Ryan died painlessly at 7:11 am. It was Palm Sunday.