The Greatest American film and stage star

Timeline created by AGodward
  • Born

    Indiana, Pennsylvania
  • First stage appearance

    playing the accordion in the Golden Dog
  • Broadway

    Carrie Nation, other Broadway plays, Goodbye Again (1932), Spring in Autumn (1933), and All Good Americans (1933)
  • Graduation

    He graduated from Princeton University in 1932
  • First Motion picture

    Warner Brothers two-reel comedy, Art Trouble (1934).
  • Early Years in motion pictures

    to 1939 this star appeared in 29 motion pictures
  • First Western

    This star performed alongside Marlene Dietrich in this western
  • Oscar award

    Oscar award
    He won an oscar for his performance in this acclaimed film
  • Draft

    This film stars draft number was 310 at the outbreak of war
  • Commission

    He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the American Air Corp
  • Promotion

    He was now a Captain and Operations Officer for the 703rd Squadron, 445th Bombardment Group of the Eight Air Force, he arrived in Tibenham, England
  • War end

    War end
    At the end of the war he had risen to the rank of Colonel.
  • 100 best American films ever made list

    This film was considered a flop when it was released in 1946, but is number one on the American Film Institute list of the most inspirational American films of all time.
    Can you name the film?
  • Marriage

    This film star and war hero married Gloria Hatrick McLean
  • Children

    fraternal twins Kelly & Judy were born
  • Mourning

    At the age of 89 this great film star passed away