The great gatsby movie

The Great Gatsby: A Series of Unexpected Events

  • Daisy wisks Gatsby away to war.

    As war approaches, Daisy and Gatsby spend their last few days together. They will then meet again five years later.
  • Daisy marries Tom Buchanan.

    Because Gatsby is missing in action and unwealthy, Daisy marries Tom, who is filthy rich.
  • Gatsby throws a party hoping to attrack Daisy's attention.

    Dancing, food, and the company of many high end people are present in West Egg at Gatsby's residence.
  • Daisy, Tom, Jordan, and Nick lounge in the Buchanan's house.

    All of the characters get to know each other.
  • Daisy agrees to visit Nick in West Egg and reunites with Jay Gatsby.

    Gatsby deviously plans a visit at Nick Carraway's house to make daisy fall back in love with him.
  • Tom, Jordan, Nick, Daisy, & Gatsby venture up to the Plaza Hotel in NYC.

    With liquor in hand and sweat dripping down their faces, the climax of the novel is reached as all secrets of love and devotion are revealed.
  • Daisy chooses Gatsby as her "lover."

    With much disrespect for Tom, Daisy decides to be with Gatsby and visit him daily in West Egg.
  • Myrtle Wilson is killed.

    With rage filling Daisy's head, she loses control of the wheel in Gatsby's yellow car and instantly kills Myrtle.
  • George Wilson mourns and travels to the Buchanan residence.

    After losing his wife and suspecting her of cheating, George travels to Tom's house inquiring about Myrtle's death. Tom claims that Gatsby was driving and killed Myrtle in a hit-and-run.
  • Daisy creates chaos.

    In the original ending, Jay Gatsby is murdered by Wilson who then commits suicide. In this revised ending, Daisy kills all of the other major characters and eventually kills herself with a daisy flower in hand. Daisies are pure on the outside, but rotten within, just like the antagonist.