The Great Gatsby

  • Daisy receives a letter from Gatsby

    The day before Daisy's wedding to marry Tom, she gets drunk and she tried to give her pearls back because of a letter from Gatsby.
  • Nick finds out about Gatsby

    Miss Baker tells Nick about Tom having a mistress in New York.
  • Trip to New York with Tom, Myrtle, and Nick

    Tom, Myrtle, and Nick went to New York to go to Myrtle and Tom's apartment.
  • Nick meets Gatsby

    Nick and Gatsby meet by talking about war.
  • Daisy and Gatby meet at Nick's house

    Gatby was pale and nervous, but when they finally meet they remember their love for each other again.
  • Gatsby tells Nick about his past

    Gatsby believes that you can recreate the past.
  • George Wilson wants to move West with Myrtle

    George finds out Myrtle is cheating, so he wants to move her West.
  • Myrtle is killed

    Myrtle is killed by Daisy, but Gatsby takes the blame for it.
  • Gatsby is killed

    George Wilson killed Gatsby.