The Great Gatsby

  • Gatsby meets Daisy and falls in love with her

  • Gatsby goes to war

  • Daisy marries Tom

  • Daisy has her little girl. Tom isn't there

    Then they go to france for a year
  • Gatsby come back from the war and buys a house

    Gatsby buys a house accros the bay from whree daisy was living, still in love with her
  • Nick (Daisys cousin) moves to west egg

    becoming Gatsbys next door neighbor
  • Gatsby's house lights are all out.

    Gatsby changes his servants to new ones and decides to not throw more parties so that no one would suspect about him and Daisy.
  • Nick, Tom, Gatsby, Daisy, and Jordan all go to New York together

    Nick, Tom, and Jordan ride in the same car leaving Daisy and Gatsby alone on the other car.
  • Daisy sneaks away from her house to visit Gatsby.

    They talk about their future and how they would love to spend it together. They decide to marry.
  • Daisy kills Tom

    Daisy decides that her true love is Gatsby, and that Tom was never someone she shoould have been married to.
  • Daisy runs away with Gatsby

    They go away claming that they have no idea what happened to Tom.
  • Police find out about Tom's death

    It is assumed that he commited suicide. Daisy neglects having something to do with his death.
  • Gatsby and Daisy marry

    They celebrate a huge wedding with their closest friends and family. Everyone attends the wedding feeling happy that Daisy has found someone to replace Tom with after his terrible death.
  • Nick and Jordan get married

    Nick proposes to Jordan. Daisy and Jordan want to have a wedding together, but decide to do one the 15 and the other one the 17 of February.
  • The police finds out that Daisy was the one to kill Tom

  • Gatsby and Daisy run away

    they are being chased by the police because of Tom;s murder. They have no choice but to flee to another country, leaving behind their friends.
  • Nick and Jordan reunite with their friends

    After years of separation with Daisy and Gatsby, the four of them get together and recall old times.