The Good Earth by Pearl Buck - Fiction -

  • Period: to

    good earth

  • pages 1-23

    these pages were about a chinaese man and how he was about to get married to a rich mans slave.
  • pages 24-58

    this section was about the man and his wife slowly going from rags to riches.
  • pages 59-110

    this part was about him buying land from the house in witch his wife was raised in
  • pages 111-162

    this part was about his wife having children and things getting a little better and getting more money
  • pages 163-224

    this part was about a famijhne hitting his home town and him going to the a welthy town and getting a job while his wife and kids beg for money because they are now broke
  • pages 225-264

    in this part the rich town is having a war and they are attacked and the main charcter acts like a banditand gets money and returns to his home as a very wealthy man
  • pages 265-306

    in this section he decides that his son should be well educated so he sends him off to school but the younger son decides he wants to go to