• The plane flys over the community

    The plane flys over the community
    Jonas has just remembered that a plane accadently fiew over the community. A year ago a plane fiew over, and it firitened Jonas vary much.
  • Jonas's Dad bracks a rule.

    Jonas's Dad bracks a rule.
    Jonas's dad bracks a rule by going and looks up Gabriels name and calls him by his name.
  • Bringing Gabriel home

    Bringing Gabriel home
    One night Jonas's father said that he was going to bing Gabriel home if it was okay with them.
  • Jonas takes an apple home

    Jonas takes an apple home
    Jonas takes an apple home from the Recration area.he took the apple because it changed not in shape, not in size he dosen't know how but just changed.
  • Jonas is having the sturings

    Jonas is having the sturings
    Jonas has a tipe of of dream called the sturings. he tells his parents about it and his mom said that he had to start takeing a pill.
  • Bathing

    Jonas was helping at the House of the Old because Asher and Fiona was there. He had gone in the bathing room where they were and and washed a woman.
  • Chief Elder singled out Jonas

    Chief Elder singled out Jonas
    The Chief Elder singled out Jonas because he was going to be The Reciever of Memory, but when he was singled out the audience got frightend.
  • Jonas gets his rules.

    Jonas gets his rules.
    That night Jonas went home and sat at his desk to go over his rules he was vary surprised that he had arule that said he could lie. he said that he has been told not to lie since he was a 3 years old.
  • Jonas gets his first 'memory'.

    Jonas gets his first 'memory'.
    Jonas gose to the Annex room behind the house of the old at the end of school hours. Then Jonas and The Giver talk about sleds, runners, and downhill. The Giver asks Jonas if he know what any of these things were and he did not. Then The Giver gave him a memory of sleds, runners, and downhill and Jonas liked that one.
  • First really bad "memory".

    First really bad "memory".
    Jonas's wost memory so far is on a snow coverd hill agin but ths time the snow is more like ice. He starts to go down the hill and he can't control the sled so he hits a bump and bracks his leg in the memory. At the end of it all his leg is still throbing and asks The Giver for a sothing memory and The Giver dose not give him one. The Giver just sends him home.
  • The war memory.

    The war memory.
    Jonas came in one day and know he was going to sent away so he asked do you want me leave and come back tomorow orcan I do something to help? The Giver replyed please help if you can. The memory is about is about a war seen that was very difficult to witness.
  • ????????????????????????

    Jonas asked his father if he loved him and he said all of poeple use precise language. his father also said you should of asked if they in joy him and said that the answer is yes.
  • Running away

    Running away
    Jonas runs away so as he goes the memorys will go to the comunity. He wants it like that so the world will have to know how to do things with out going to The Giver.
  • Jonas gets hungry/thirsty

    Jonas is out in the wilderness riding on a bike and got hungry and thirsty because he has been a few days with out food.