The gift of fear, 299, non fiction

  • pages 3-18

    the author explains how fear is a gift and how a girl that came to him get raped and almost killed told her story total-15
  • pages 19-41

    here he tells a story of his childhood and how this event tought him the gift of fear. he tells you of intution and how its used and how you know its there total-37
  • pages 42-49

    now he tells you the effects of prediction and hows its very useful and how to predicit things with education total-44
  • pages 50-62

    he tells you know the survival signels the process of them how they work and when in a situation how and when to use them total-56
  • pages 63-79

    the author tells us the importance of the word no and that in reality its a complete sentence. hells tells us of his impact system and the messages of intuition. total-69
  • pages80-94

    now he explains "High stake predictionns" he also tells us the ways of the system JACA total-83
  • pages 96-106

    the author explains the signels and the ways of the JACA system and he also shows us the importace of the context of words and how you use them total-97
  • pages 107-119

    now he shows us that a treat and a promise have huge differences and shows us that just but showing us words in a sentence. total-110
  • pages120-143

    now he explains that everything that seams like a danger isnt and he explains this with a persons story of this kind of experence total-133
  • pages144-182

    now he explains the hazerds you should look out for when seaking or feeling danger in also explains inmate enemys total171
  • pages183-214

    now he explainshow oman can automaticall make tham selfs a target just becase they want to"let hm down easy' total202
  • pages215-231

    now he explains hthe traits nd the things woman should look for when they feel like they are n the fearor presence of a stalker.total217
  • pages232-255

    he talks abut the whole sumof the book and everything he has talked and ttold e and sumed it all up into one singel case that he was involed in for weeks until the man was caught for the many criminal things he did total265
  • pages255-299

    in the las chaper he totals up fear. he explains it n all possibel ways and one again tells you how its one of the greatest gifts you coud have. total299