The First Period” (1780’s- 1800’s) by Julia Flum Economics & Environmental Science

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  • Homestead Act, Enacting During the Civil War

    Homestead Act, Enacting During the Civil War
    The homestead act was signed by President Abraham Lincoln. It was an act that provided any adult citizen who had never been borne arms against government could claim up to 160 acres of land
  • American Forestry Association Founded

    American Forestry Association Founded
    The American Forestry Association advocates for the protection of forests. Preserving the health of the plain benefits for inhabitants. It lasted from 1875-1997
  • General Revision Act

    General Revision Act
    The General Revision Act of 1891 meant Congress can reserve remaining, public, forest lands and prevent them from being acquired through the various public land laws.
  • Mineral Leasing Act

    Mineral Leasing Act
    The Mineral Leasing Act was established in 1920 to divide the legal status of oil, natural gas, coal, and phosphates fom hard-rock minerals such as gold, silver, copper,and lead minerals.The mineral leasng act also established a new leasing system which still stands today.
  • Federal Aid In Wildlife Restoration Act.

    Federal Aid In Wildlife Restoration Act.
    Levies a tax on certain hunting equipment that shall be used for wildlife restoration projects, research and education
  • National Environmental Policy Act

    One Of the first acts/laws ever written which initiatied that the general national framework for perserving the environment.
  • Clean Air Act

    Clean Air Act
    Congress amended the act set air poverty, auto emmision, and pollution standards.
  • National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act

    Established to promote economic, environmental, and social well-being by bringing technology and industrial innovation to the marketplace.
  • Singapore Environment Institute

    Pollution management, Solid Waste management, environmenal public Health Manangement

    Getting Youth Re-Invested In Environmental Education Now Act The goal of legislation was to introduce environmental education into the cirriculum of schools across the nation