First film camera

The First Decade of Motion Pictures

  • The Motion Picture Project

    The Motion Picture Project
    Thomas Edison's assistant, W.K.L Dickson, devotes himself to the "Motion Picture Project". His staff along with himself create a horixzontal-feed motion picture camrea.
  • Period: to


  • A Kinetograph

    A Kinetograph
    The first ever view of the motion picture is presented at a convention called, the Federation of Women's Club. The motion picture is of a man bowling, smiling and taking off his hat. The camera was called a kinetograph.
  • The Past's Reflection

    The Past's Reflection
    Edison used a 1 1/2 inch film in his vertical-feed mostion picture. This establishes the basis for today's standard of 35mm comercials.
  • The Black Maria

    The Black Maria
    Edison created a studio on his property in New Jersey. This was built to create films with his kintoscope machines. He named the studio "The Black Maria" a slang term for a police patrol wagon that the studio is said to resemble.
  • The Holland Brothers

    The Holland Brothers
    The Hollland brothers opened their first kintoscope parlor on April 14. The earned over $16,000 in just one year.
  • W.K.L Dickson Leave

    W.K.L Dickson Leave
    Edison's kintoscope and film sales increase up to 177,000 dollars.By april W,K,L Dickson leaves the comp-any due to differences in opinions. Dickson goes onto become the founder of the American Mutoscope (which went on to be the Biograph Company)
  • Edison's Vitascope

    Edison's Vitascope
    Charles Raff and Frank Gammon buy the Jenkins-Armat. In honor of Edison they renamed it "Edison's Vitascope." This is hailed as Edison's last invention.
  • Edison vs. W.K.L

    Edison vs. W.K.L
    Thomas Edison serves his first legal writ, stating of his intention to eliminate all competetors in the film making buisness. The Biograph Company signs a contract with Orpheum.
  • Edison Takes Over

    Edison Takes Over
    Edison files a a patent-infringement suit against the Biograph Company. Edison also visits two theater producers an warns then about playing foreign american film.
  • Biograph Company's Tripod

    Biograph Company's Tripod
    The Biograph Company introduces the new tripod for your camera. This allowing smoth turns and still camreas when filming.