The final months of John Lennon

  • Mark David Chapman Quits his Job

    Mark David Chapman quits his job as a security guard in Hawaii.
  • John Lennon Single Released

    John Lennon's first new single, (Just Like) Starting Over is released.
  • The Murder Weapon

    Mark Chapman buys the murder weapon, a .357 magnum, in a store in Honolulu, near where he lived at the time.
  • Chapman heads to New York

    Mark David Chapman boards a plane from Honolulu to New York. After finding out that bullets for his .357 magnum are illegal to sell in New York. So he flies to Atlanta where his friend, Dana Reeves gives him the bullets because he was told they were for his own personal protection in NY.
  • Chapman in New York, AGAIN!

    After getting bullets and seeing his friend in Georgia, Mark Chapman again comes to New York to kill John. However, he calls his wife to tell her that he is going to kill Lennon and she convinces him to not do it and come home. So he leaves New York again.
  • Double Fantasy is Released

    John Lennon's final album, Double Fantasy, is realeased
  • Chapman in New York, 3rd Time!

    After leaving NY two other times, Mark David Chapman is still having mental issues about wanting to kill Lennon. He flies out to New York, this time telling his wife it was a career move, checks into the YMCA and buys a copy of Double Fantasy, John's new album. He waits outside the Dakota for a few hours, before giving up and leaving a quarter of an hour before John Lennon got there.
  • Stalking the Dakota

    Chapman stalks the Dakota building where John lived at the time. But he still misses Lennon.
  • Rolling Stones Photo Shoot

    At 2:00 PM, Annie Leibovitz came to John and Yoko's apartment in the Dakota Building. Even though she wanted a picture of just John, he refused to do it without Yoko in the pictures for the cover. This was also the time of John's final interview
  • Signing the Album

    At about 5:00 PM, John Lennon was leaving his apartment to go to a studio to record for an upcoming album. On his way out there was a group of fans, Chapman was among them and John signed his copy of Double Fantasy. With too many people, he did not shoot.
  • The Shooting

    At 10:45 PM, John Lennon came back from a recording session. As he was walking up the stairs of the Dakota, Mark Chapman shot Lennon 5 times in the back, one bullet missing and four shots entered his back and exited his chest. Police came on the scene fast and brought John to Roosevelt Hospital and arrested Mark David Chapman for killing John Lennon. Mark David Chapman was reading "The Catcher in The Rye" by J.D. Salinger.
  • John's Cremation

    John was cremated
  • Silence

    Ten minutes of silence occurred around the world which was held to mourn for John.