The Evolution of the Camera

Timeline created by Laura Bianchini
  • Daguerreotype

    In this year was created the first photographic equipment in comercial scale.
  • Sutton Panoramic

    Sutton Panoramic
    The first camera capable of taking panoramic photos was created.
  • The First Kodak

    The First Kodak
    Kodak created the first camera to amateurs with roll film.
  • Folding Pocket Kodak

    Folding Pocket Kodak
    Kodak created the first folding bellows camera and turns the use of it more versatile.
  • Dr Miethe’s Dreifarben

    Dr Miethe’s Dreifarben
    This one was the first camera created that uses three cuts.
  • Ur-Leic

    The first 35mm camera prototype was designed by Oskar Barnack.
  • Polaroid Model 95

    Polaroid Model 95
    Projected by Edwin Land, this one was the first instant camera with film.
  • Kapsa

    Primeira câmera de fabricação brasileira.
  • Olympus Trip 35

    Olympus Trip 35
    This one was the most popular compact camera of the 70s.
  • Polaroid SX-70

    Polaroid SX-70
    This was the first SLR to use instant film.
  • Pentax K1000:

    Pentax K1000:
    This SLR was manufactured for over 20 years and widely used by photography students.
  • Sony Mavica

    Sony Mavica
    The first electronic camera in history.
  • Canon T50

    Canon T50
    The first automatic SLR camera.
  • Kodak DCS 100

    Kodak DCS 100
    The first digital SLR camera.