Hector Lavoe

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  • Birth

    Hector Lavoe is born in Puerto Rico
  • Death of his mother

     Death of his mother
    His mother, named Francisca Martínez, died when Héctor was three years old. The sadness of the first great loss in his life is reflected in the lyrics of his well-known song 'The day of my luck', which speaks of this tragic event
  • Alegre All Stars

    Alegre All Stars
    He was presented with the opportunity to record with the famous salsa and Latin music group "Fania All Stars"
  • Reach Fame Singing With Willie Colon

     Reach Fame Singing With Willie Colon
    It was a salsa musical duo formed in New York, United States, with Puerto Rican origins, by Willie Colón. They were one of the first to present the sound of Latin music and New York salsa to the world. This duo is considered one of the most important in salsa because they helped establish the popularity of the musical genre in the 60s and 70s
  • Due to excesses, Willie Colon Dissolves The Duet

    Due to excesses, Willie Colon Dissolves The Duet
    Willie Colón wanted to pause and begin his career as a soloist and producer of other singers, after having completed studies in composition and arrangements, he wanted to part with the sonero that began to depend excessively on him and whose problems with drugs were becoming stronger, which resulted in defaults during tours and concerts
  • Record Your First Album As a Soloist

    Record Your First Album As a Soloist
    Lavoe began a career as a solo singer but continued to receive the support of Columbus who began producing some of his albums, throughout his career. He also received the support of his record label, the Fania label, who decided to release his most successful singers as soloists
  • He is Interned in a Mental Sanatorium

    He is Interned in a Mental Sanatorium
    Lavoe suffered a strong attack of depression that took him away from the clashes and forced him to shorten a tour, sometimes a treatment for his drug addiction.
  • Personal problems

     Personal problems
    Lavoe's problems began to get worse when his apartment in Queens caught fire from the butt, he had to jump through the window of his room, the fall caused multiple fractures and, in turn, serious health problems, by May 7, Upon learning that his youngest son, Héctor Pérez Jr., had died from an accidental shot that a friend gave him, while cleaning his revolver. All this caused Lavoe to resort heavily to excessive drug use, escaping from the nursing home where he was receiving help
  • He was diagnosed with AIDS and tries to kill himself

    He was diagnosed with AIDS and tries to kill himself
    At the beginning of that year, he experienced another tragedy in his life when he learned that he had Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, acquired after injecting an infected needle (drug problem), He tried to commit suicide by launching himself from the ninth floor.54 He suffered a lot of damage to his entire body: the fracture of both legs (the left suffered more damage), the right arm and some ribs, which forced those who intervened to implant plates of titanium in its fractures
  • Death

    He spent his last years in New York presenting himself in front of people who sadly saw him deteriorate on the stage, until he died of a cardiac arrest on June 29, 1993, at the Queens Memorial Hospital.