The Evolution of Film

By bnl2118
  • First Motion Picture Camera

    First Motion Picture Camera
    Thomas Edison creates the kinetograph, a camera that takes a sequence of pictures to create a sense of motion. Accompanied with his invention of the kinetoscope, a type of film viewer, Edison receives a patent for his film device. Kinetoscope parlors begin to open around the United States where customers could view a 20 second to one minute long videos for only a nickel. These features many times lacked sound and a story line.
  • First Use of Color in Film

    First Use of Color in Film
    Located merely years ago, the first use of color on film was produced by Edward Raymond Turner from London who caputred colored productions of his children at his home in Hounslow. Found by the National Museum in Bradford, the film had been forgotten for 110 years.
  • First Narrative Film

    First Narrative Film
    "The Great Train Robbery", a silent film created by Edwin S. Porter, a former cameraman for Thomas Edison, was the first film to have a story line. The feature lasted only ten minutes with a total of only fourteen scenes. Based on a 1896 story by Scott Marble, creators were able to produce a fleeting western based film that introduced parrallel editing, camera movement, and location shooting in New Jersey versus the prior stage bound productions.
  • The First Animated Film

    The First Animated Film
    The first animated film was titled Humerous Phases of Funny Phases created by cartoonist J. Stewart Blackton. This cartoon was the first to use a single frame method where twenty frames were projected per second. In the film to animated faces come to life and perfom comedic actions. There is also a scene of a clown with a dog jumping through a hoop.
  • First Feature Film (Multi-Reel)

    First Feature Film (Multi-Reel)
    While most films at the time were called "one reel" productions, The Story of the Kelly Gang was the first to use more than one reel. Being a total of six reels long, the film was at the time the longest film at roughly one hour long. Based in Austrailia, the film showcases scenes of intense gang action that included "stick ups".
  • First Film with Dialogue (Talkie)

    First Film with Dialogue (Talkie)
    While not the first film to include sound such as music and effects, The Jazz Singer procuded by Warner Bros and director Alan Crosland, was the first feature film to include dialogue. While dialogue is only present in 25% of the film, it set the stage for future productions.
  • First Animated Film with Sound

    First Animated Film with Sound
    The first animated film that also included sound was Steamboat Willie produced by Walt Disney. Up until this production, there had been little to seperate Disney from other animated film producers. With the addition of sound, Disney set the stage for future animated productions that would shape his future career.
  • First Color 3D Film

    First Color 3D Film
    The House of Wax produced by Warner Bros. was the first 3D color film. This was also one of the first horrow films to be shot in color.
  • First Full Featured Computer Generated Imagery Film

    First Full Featured Computer Generated Imagery Film
    Disney Pixar's Toy Story is the first full length feature film created solely by computer generated imagery. The technique would be used many times in the future of film.
  • First Full Performance Capture Film

    First Full Performance Capture Film
    Avatar, created by James Cameron, was the first full featured film to utilize perfomance capture throughout the entire film. Performance capture allows live characters to perfom actions and dialogue that is then computer generated into a fictional character. Cameron waited 11 years to produce Avater as he waited for technology to catch up with his ideas.