the diary of Samuel Sewall

Timeline created by Justus.W
  • examination of people

    He went to Salem to the meeting house. In the meeting house peolpe accused of using witchcraft were examined. It was awful to see the people but a great assembly.
  • execution day

    That day George Burroughs, John Willard, John Proctor, MArtha Carrier, and George Jacobs were executed in Salem. Of which all said they were innocent. This day it was a big croud watching the execution.
  • G. Cory pressed to death

    About noon this day Giles Cory was pressed to death. He didn't get hanged because he refused to plead. Two days later his wife got executed too.
  • First to confess

    Dorcas Hoar got accused of using witch craft. But she confessed one day before she should have been hanged. So a order was sent to the sheriff to forbear her execution, she was the first condemned person who had confessed.
  • prayer

    He prayed for foregiveness of his sinful wanderings. He prays for that the assemblys of their debates are blessed and that God would assist their judges. So that New England would get saved from enemies and witchcrafts.