The Day of the Triffids

By Esser
  • Bill Masen is born

    This si that day that Bill Masen was born on.
  • The Triffids Are Created

    Umberto created the Triffid plant. He had not yet released it into the world.
  • Triffid Oil is Produced

    Umberto created triffid oil and brought it to the Arctic & European Fish Oil Company. He didn't tell them much about the oil until a deal was made.
  • Triffid Seeds are Released

    Umberto's plane crashes and all of the triffid seeds fall out of it, blowing away on the wind. This is how triffids came to be all over the globe.
  • The Triffid starts growing in Bill's Garden

  • Bill Gets Stung by a Triffid

    Bill gets stung by an immature triffid and survives.
  • Bill Gets Job At Arctic & European Fish Oils

    Bill got a job working with triffids. This gave him a lot of knowedge on triffids.
  • Bill Gets Stung by a Triffid

    Bill get some triffid poison in his yes, which causes him to be blind for over a week.
  • The Meteor Shower

    The spectacualr meteor shower that blinded everyone came, but Bill missed it because he was getting treatment for a triffid sting.
  • Bill Meets Josella

    Bill rescues Josella from being beaten by a blind man. They then join together as a group.
  • Bill and Josella Join the Group at the University

  • Bill and Others are Taken From the University

  • Bill Takes a Group of Blind People Assigned to Him By Coker

  • Bill Leaves His Group and Goes to Look for Josella

  • Bill and Coker Arrive at Tynsham

  • Bill and Coker Left Tynsham in Search of Beadly's Group

    Bill went to look for Beadly's group in Beamister. He didn't find them there, but they did find another group of seeing people.
  • Bill Goes to Look For Josella at Sussex Downs

  • Bill finds Susan on His Way to Find Josella

  • Bill Arrives at Shirning and Finds Josella

  • Davis Masen is Born

  • Ivan Comes and Tells Bill About Beadly's Group

  • Mr. Torrence Tries to Take Over Shirning

  • Bill and Josella Sneak Away From Shirining To Go Join Beadly's Group