The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

  • Benjamin Button is born (age apparent: 70)

    After Benjamin, only a few hours old, meets his father, he complains to the nurse in an indignant voice, "Nice way to welcome a new born child," even though he is a "baby of threescore and ten."
  • Period: to

    Benjamin's daily life (age apparent: 70-65)

    As Benjamin grows up (or down), his father, Mr. Button forces himself to believe that Benjamin is a baby. He brings him home rattles, and makes him wear little boy clothes. But the rattle bored Benjamin, and he was often found in the company of his grandfather or smoking a cigarette. Mr. Button continued to create the illusion that Benjamin was a young boy, and brought other young boys over to play with him: he accidentally broke a kitchen window, "a feat which secretly delighted his father."
  • Benjamin goes to kindergarten (age apparent: 65)

    At age 5, Benjamin goes to school, although it becomes something of a disaster. He was forced to cut paper and make shapes, and also weave maps. Usually during these tasks, Benjamin fell asleep, frightening his teacher. He was taken out of school, and his parents told there friends that "they felt he was too young."
  • Benjamin wants trousers (age apparent: 58)

    Benjamin's father, still in denial that Benjamin is not a normal child, refuses to let Benjamin wear long trousers, insisting that Benjamin is too young. But Benjamin, funny as he is, exclaims, "But you'll have to admit . . . I'm big for my age!" In exchange for Benjamin attempting to act more like a twelve year old, he was allowed his first pair of long trousers.
  • Benjamin goes to college (age apparent: 52)

    When Benjamin enters Mr. Hart's office, he attempted to tell Mr. Hart the truth, that he is 21 and a soon-to-be freshman at Yale College, but Mr. Hart doesn't believe him, mistaking Benjamin for his father. He says, "The idea . . . a man of your age trying to enter as a freshman." Benjamin is forced to leave Yale college.
  • Benjamin meets his wife (age apparent: 49)

    Insisting on " [taking him] out socially," Benjamin accompanied his father to a dance, where it was love at first sight for him when he saw a Hildegarde Moncreif, a young girl with honey colored hair and a face "as beautiful as sin." They were later married.
  • Benjamin goes to work for his father (age apparent: 50)

    Benjamin goes to work for his father at Roger Button & Co., Wholesale Hardware. He is very successful, and now, at his age, him and his father are more "compatible" and could "pass for brothers."
  • Period: to

    Benjamin the buisinessman (age apparent: 50-35)

    Due to Benjamin, the family fortune doubled between Benjamin's marraige and his father's retirement.
  • Benjamin goes to war (age apparent: 24)

    After losing interest in his wife, the now young Benjamin Button was made a major in the army, and then a lieutenant-colonel. He received a medal, and "had become so attached to the activity and excitement of army life that he regretted to give it up."
  • Period: to

    Benjamin goes to Harvard

    When Benjamin goes to Harvard, he becomes a decorated football player, although he began to lose weight as he got "younger" and could " scarcley 'make' the team".
  • Benjamin goes to Kindergarten (age apparent: 6)

    Along with Roscoe's son, Benjamin goes to Kindergarten. He "found that playing with little strips of paper . . . was the most fascinating game in the world." He stays in Kindergarten for another year, while Roscoe's son moves up a year to first grade.
  • Benjamin and Nana (age apparent: 3)

    After being taken out of Kindergarten, Benjamin finds he thoroughly enjoys walks in the park now, and one day, Nana pointed out an elephant. At the end of the day, Benjamin was still screaming, "Elyphant, elyphant, elyphant." He was slowly losing his life experience.
  • Benjamin dies (age apparent: a new-born baby)

    As Benjamin grows younger, he loses everything: "There were no dreams, no dreams to haunt him . . . . he did not remember . . . . then it was all dark, and his white crib and the dim faces that moved above him, and the warm, sweet aroma of the milk, faded altogether from his mind.