The Count of Monte Cristo History Timeline

  • Captain Leclere dies, Dante becomes captain of the Pharaon

    Dante is a responsible, trusted man. He is eighteen or twenty years of age. He is premoted to captain of shit Pharaon because M. Morell, owner of the ship, saw potential in him.
  • Dante proposes to Mercedes. Dante is arrested.

    Dante proposes to Mercedes, the woman whom he loves very much. Dante is put in jail as Danglar, accountant of the ship, Fernand, Mercedes' suitor, and Caderousse, the neighbour plans a backstab on him. A letter is sent that accuses Dante of being a political criminal/threat.
  • Period: to

    Dante spends time in prison for 14 years.

    There he meets a companion, the Abbe Faria, who is a father-like figure to Dante. He helps Dante figure out the behind-the-scene of Dante's case and he also shares valuable things like Science and Math. The Abbe Faria gives Dante faith when he is at his lowest point.
  • Dante escapes prison and returns to Marseilles.

    After replacing himself with the Abbe Faria, Dante sucessfully escapes Chateau d'If and arrives Marseilles.