Contributions of John Dewey

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  • Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
    One of four boys, John J. Dewey was born in Burlington, Vermont.
  • The University Elementry School

    The University Elementry School
    With his wife, Harriet, John Dewey founded the experimental primary school known as The University Elementry School, during his tenure at the University of Chicago.
  • How We Think

    How We Think
    Dewey focused on mastering the art of thinking in productive ways when confronted with overloading sums of information.
    Dewey, J. (1909). How we think.
  • Democracy and Education

    Democracy and Education
    Dewey takes revolutionary approaches to education reform in this l publication.
    Dewey, J. (1916). Democracy and education.
  • The New School for Social Research

    The New School for Social Research
    The experimental school that was the most democratically-educational institution of its time.
  • A Great Loss

    A Great Loss
    John Dewey succumbs to pneumonia on June 1, 1952 at his home in New York City at the age of 92.
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    Dewey at a Glance

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    Reconstruction in Philosophy

    In the 1920's, John Dewey argued for “Reconstruction in Philosophy” at schools all over the world, because he saw it becoming detached from real-world problems and were “a sentimental indulgence for a few”.