The cold war

The Cold War

  • The Yalta Conference

    The Yalta Conference
    The United States, Soviet Union, and the UK were only allies duing World War II because they had a common ally, now that the WWII has ended, the three countries had differing views of polotics, economics, and social ideas.
  • The War Begins

    The War Begins
    Winston Churchills speech about the "Iron Curtain" makrs the beginning of the Cold War.
  • The Berlin Blockade

    The Berlin Blockade
    The Berlin Blockade was the first major crisis during the Cold War. The Soviets plan was to block western Germany's roadways, railways, and canal access from Berlin.
  • NATO

    NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization is created. It was formed by the United States and many Western European Countries to defend Europer against the Soviets.
  • The Korean War Begins

    The Korean War Begins
    It is the first armed conflict war during the Cold War. It was Stalin equipping North Korea with Soviet weaposns to invade South Korea. It is the global struggle of communism and democracy.
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact
    Was formed by the Soviet Union and 8 other communist countries in eastern Europe as a military defense program.
  • The Eisenhower Doctrine

    The Eisenhower Doctrine
    A promise made by the United States to defend Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistand against communist influence.
  • The Cuban Misslie Crisis

    The Cuban Misslie Crisis
    Major confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union. The United States discovers misslle installations in Cuba.
  • The Six Day War

    The Six Day War
    War between Israel and Egypt. The Soviets accused the United States os encouraging the Israeli attack.
  • Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

    Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
    The UK, US, and Soviet Union enter into an agreement to not spread nuclear warfare.
  • SALT 1

    SALT 1
    Strategic Arms Limitations Talk: was signed both my the United States and the Soviet Union to limit nuclear missiles, and
  • Decade-Long War

    Decade-Long War
    Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.
  • Strategic Defense Inititave

    Strategic Defense Inititave
    President Ronald Reagan annouces development for world-wide "star wars" missile defense system.
  • The Wall Collapses

    The Wall Collapses
    The border diving east and west Germany are finally no longer. And Revolutions spread across Eastern Europe.
  • Soviet Union Breaks Up

    Soviet Union Breaks Up
    The Soviet Unions breaks up into independent republics.