The big three at yalta

the cold war

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    cold war

  • containment

    the policy of the U.S stated that it will stop the expansion of Soviet Union. This is our reponse of the expansion of Soviet Union.
  • greek civil war

    greek civil war
    This war happened in Greece. The Greek fights the communist countries Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Albania and its communist force with the support of the U.S and the United Kingdom. National victory in the end
  • chinese civil war

    chinese civil war
    This fight was between the republic of China with the communist party of ChinaThis war lasted for 4 years. The communist took control of China in may 1, 1950. This war took place in China
  • truman doctrine

    truman doctrine
    a speech made by president Harry Truman stated that the U.S will help Greece and Turkey so they will not be a communist country.It is an act of stopping Russian expansion and considered the start of cold war.
  • Apartheid

    After world war 2, apartheid was practice in south west Africa. Apartheid is a racial segregation system. People believed in 'Afrikann minority rule' or "white supremecy"
  • Czechoslovakia coup d'état

    Czechoslovakia coup d'état
    The Czechoslavia's communist party, was supported by the Soviet Union, had dominate over Czecohslavia's republic party. The Soviet Union will rule Czechoslovakia for the next four decades
  • Marshal plan

    Marshal plan
    officially name Eroupean recovery program (ERP). The goal of this is the U.S supported the European countries rebuilt their properties after world war 2. We did not want communist to invade Euroupe again because they need financial support
  • berlin blockade

    berlin blockade
    the Soviet Union had built a wall to seperate east Germany from West Germany. They wanted to keep people from East Germany from moving to the West Germany.
  • the domino theory

    the domino theory
    this is the theory of the sphere of influence on East Asia. The U.S officals believe that if a state is infected with communism, soon will the other states will be involve. Like a domino chain.
  • korean war

    korean war
    The war was between South Korea which is supported by the U.S and the North Korea which is supported by China and Soviet Union. This war was fought in Korea
  • Laotian civil war

    Laotian civil war
    this is the civil war of Laotians because of the disagreement over the country should be a democracy or communist. The world power, U.S milliary (CIA) and Hmong veterans. Also had been known as the secret war
  • Cuban revolution

    Cuban revolution
    this was the war between the Cuban communist and democracy. The Cuban communist took over and they establish a communist line in Cuba in october 1965. This war happened in Cuba
  • KGB

    The Committee for States Security, was created by the Soviet Union to control its people and prevent the rebellions. This organization acted as the internal security, secret police and intellligent agency. It lasted till the downfall of Soviet Union in the 1991
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    the Soviet Union had built a wall to prevent Germany from unifying. Our airplane had fly over the wall because we didn't want to ignore it or go to a war, to supply people from East Germany food and ideas about democracy
  • vietnam war

    vietnam war
    this war was fought between North Vietnam which is supported by the communist countries and South Vietnam which is supporoted by the anti-communists country. The anti-communist lost this war for the communist on april 30, 1975. This war was fought in Vietnam
  • Hungarian revolution

    Hungarian revolution
    The uprising of the hungarians against its government the harsh Soviet's rules. It started as a group of students going around on a van using a loud speaker to express their thoughts. Soon others agreed and followed. This was the first threat to the Soviet Union since they drove out the Nazi.
  • U-2 incident

    U-2 incident
    2 U.S spy shot down the airspace of Soviet Union during the cold war. The U.S first denied this event. Later at the East-West in Paris, this event greatly embarrassment to the U.S and cause the relation between us and the Soviet union grew worse.
  • opec

    opec stands for oil petrolium exporting countries. It was an intergovernmental system created by Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. It was created so that every member states will get a secure income from oil and the secure supply of oil to the consumer
  • the bay of pigs

    the bay of pigs
    This was the unsuccessful invasion of Cuba by paramilitary group Brigade 2506. This attack was funded by the U.S CIA. we wanted to overthrown the goverment of Fidel Castro. This event happened in the bay of pigs in Cuba
  • cuban missile crisis

    cuban missile crisis
    Known as the October crisis in Cuba and Caribbean crisis in Soviet Union. This was the confronation of the Cuba, Soviet Union, and the U.S, it lasted for 13 days. It took place in Caribbean sea, Cuba.
  • USS Pueblo

    USS Pueblo
    USS Pueblo is also known as Pueblo affair or Pueblo crisis. USS Pueblo is a American technical research ship. North Korea claimed the USS Pueblo was in their water so they captured it. USS Pueblo is the only American ship being held captive and it is now still in North Korea's museum
  • great leap forward

    great leap forward
    Reflect the decision of China from 1958-1960. It makes China gone from a arguiculture to a modern communist. Chinese population had grow rapidly during this time of period.
  • tet offensive

    tet offensive
    the suprise attack of the viet cong millitary on south vietnam on new year. More than 80,000 troops invaded 100 towns in south vietnam. Millitary planners call this "the general offensive and uprising"
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    This is the day that the first person ever touched foot onto the moon. Their name was Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Together they collected 17.6 pounds of Moon material back to earth.
  • Cambodian civil war

    Cambodian civil war
    This was the civil war between the communist force and democracy force in Cambodia. The democracy foce had been supported by the U.S, the communist force was called Khmer Rough
  • watergate scandal

    watergate scandal
    This scandal was created because of break-in to the Democratic National Committee in Washington DC. This caused the resign of Richard Nixon. It was cause by Nixon's top admistrators
  • 1972 olympic’s (Palestinian terrorist)

    1972 olympic’s (Palestinian terrorist)
    officially known as the games of the XX Olympiad, international sport event, was held in West Germany. But the focus was on the Munich massacre. In which 11 Israeli athlets and coaches, a West Germany police and five black September were killed
  • SALT

    This was 2 rounds of talks about international agreements between the U.S and Soviet Union. There were SALT 1 and SALT 2. It was signed in Finland
  • baby lift

    baby lift
    The babylift by plane from South Vietnam to other countries like Canada, U.S, France and Australia. The last plane carried approximately 3,300 babies.
  • camp david accords

    camp david accords
    It is a peace treating between Egypt and Israel. It was signed in the White house witnessed by U.S president Jimmy Carter. It was signed and following by 13 days at camp David of secret negotiation.
  • Iran hostage crisis

    Iran hostage crisis
    This was the crisis between United States and Iran. Fifty-two American were held hostage for four hundred forty-four days. President Carter said that we will not yeild to blackmail and called the hostage "victims of terrorism and anarchy
  • Perestroika and Glasnost

    Perestroika and Glasnost
    Perestroika refers reconstruction for the Soviet's economy and political system. He did not like how the citizens have little say in the government. Glasnost means more freedom for the Soviet's people. It goal is to involve more Soviet people political process through freedom of expression.
  • Soviet withdrawn troops from afghenistan

    Soviet withdrawn troops from afghenistan
    Because of this event, the Afghanistan and Parkistan will sign a peace treaty and the U.S and Soviet union will signed a treaty stated that we will not be involve in any international interventions
  • People's republic of bulgaria

    People's republic of bulgaria
    After 34 years of ruling together with the communist, the Bulgaria's democracy groups demands reforms and together, they kiced the communist out of their country
  • Tianamen square massacre

    Tianamen square massacre
    this massacre was led by students and was supported by many city residences. The students were desmonstrating for seven weeks at the Tianamen Square.
  • Ruhollah Khomeini

    Ruhollah Khomeini
    he was a religious and politican leader of Iran. He led th Iranic revolution which overthrown Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. After Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, he became the country supreme leader, which he held until his death.
  • Romania revolution

    Romania revolution
    The people in Romania used force to overthrew the communist rulers and the people executed the head quarters. This protest started in a city called Timisoara in Romania
  • German unification day

    German unification day
    There was a hole in the Hungary's iron curtain and most of the people from East Germany migrate to West Germany. This protest led to the GDR's free election and unified Germany as a democracy country
  • iron curtain

    iron curtain
    symbolized the seperate between the alied powers and communist in Europe. The communist countries are russia, poland, hungagry, blov, czechrep, and half of berlin. The rest is democracy

    Officially known as North America Free Trade Agreement. This was the agreement between the U.S, Mexico and Canada. It branches out to NAALC and NAAEC