The Classical Era

  • Period: to

    Pasquale Anfossi

    An Italian opera composer.
  • Period: to

    Franz Joseph Haydn

    An Austrian composer who was also a very influential person in music during the Classical era. Haydn was called the "Father of the Symphony" due to the fact he made over 100 Symphonies.
  • Period: to

    Johann Christian Bach

    An German composer and was a great early influence to Mozart as he was style developing his style. He was one of JS Bach's eighteen sons and moved to London, later to be known as "London Bach".
  • Period: to

    Giovanni Pasiello

    An Italian composer who wrote a total of 91 operas and was a very important teacher
  • Period: to

    Antonio Salieri

    An Italian classical composer, conductor, and teacher. He was a very influential person towards Opera.
  • Period: to

    Muzio Filippo Vincenzo Francesco Saverio Clementi

    An Italian-born English composer, conductor, virtuoso, and much more. He made huge contributions due to his long series of piano sonatas
  • Period: to

    Vicente Martin y Soler

    An Spanish composer of opera and ballet.
  • Period: to

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    One of the most influential people in music in general. He pioneered many musical ideas in many genres, especially Opera.
  • Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution began.
  • Period: to

    Ludwig van Beethoven

    An German composer who was a very influential musician during the classical period. His orchestral works are some of the most performed pieces and have influenced compositions that have came after.
  • Period: to

    American Revolution

    The American Revolution began.
  • George Washington becomes first President

    George Washington becomes elected first President of America.
  • Period: to

    Franz Schubert

    An Austrian composer who contributed a ton to music especially vocal, as he composer over 600 secular vocal works.
  • Invention of the Clarinet

  • Piano was invented

  • Cello was invented

  • Viola was invented

  • Lousiana Purchase

  • Classical Era Musical Stylistic Traits

    -Singable melodies
    -Symmetrical phrasing
    -Easier harmonies, simple relationships of V to I
    -Slower harmonic rhythms
    -Easy accompaniment figures as opposed to the difficult figured bass of the Baroque
  • Classical Era Genres