8C/Curry - Independent reading #1 DIARY of a Wimpy Kid THE Getaway

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  • The Start

    The Start
    one night greg and his family where wathin tv and an unexpected ad came on tv. the ad was about this place called isla de corales and it was where gregs parents went for there honeymoon
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    greg thought he can somehow stop this by bringing his brother manny and Rodrick to tell there parents to put a stop to this idea but it seemed like that they also wanted to go, when greg realized he was outnumbered, he had no choice but to accept that they where really gonna go
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    the next day gregs parents made an announcement that they where gonna skip christmas and all go to isla de corales instead, greg thought it was a terrible idea and he was really surprised that his dad was on board with it, since he doesn't really like to spend a lot of money, but he said he was sick of the cold weather.
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    greg and his family where about to miss the flight but when they got there the door was closed the thought they where too late but it seemed that it was just cancelled