A christmas caorl

The Christmas Carol

  • Charles Dickens' Birth

    Charles Dickens' Birth
    Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812.
  • Marleys Death

    Marleys Death
    Marley died. It appears in the book that he might have died from some sort of head or neck injury but is never comfirmed. "Though he looked the phantom through and through, and saw it standing before him; though he felt the chilling influence of it death-cold eyes; and marked the very texture of the folded hankerchief bound about its head and chin, which wrapper he had not observed before: he was still incredulous, and fought against his senses."
  • Jacob Marley's Ghost Appears

    Jacob Marley's Ghost Appears
    Jacob Marley, a ghost, appears at Scrooge's home wearing chaines. Jacob Marley tells Scrooge not to be selfish and Scrooge realizes what Marley has turned into after his death. Scrooge does not want to end up looking like that or being like him. Marley warns Scrooge that he will be visited by three ghosts that night.
  • First ghost

    First ghost
    Scrooge meets the Ghost of Christmas Past. The Ghost of Christmas past brings Ebenezer to his past and shows him his childhood in school and how he was betrayed by his schoolmates.
  • Second Ghost

    Second Ghost
    The Ghost of Christmas Present appears. The ghost brings him around and shows him what Christmas is like for everybody else. The ghost brings him to the clerks house and shows him what he is dealing with. It brings Scrooge to a sudden realization that Christmas is different than what he thought.
  • Third Ghost

    Third Ghost
    The Ghost of Christmas To Come appears. He brings Ebenezer Scrooge to several places where people are struggling with the death of an unidentified man. The last place the ghost brings Scrooge is his grave sight. Scrooge is astonished and begs the ghost to erase all of the future. The ghost then disappears and Scrooge finds himself in the comfort of his own bed.
  • Charles Dickens' Death

    Charles Dickens' Death
    Charles Dickens dies June 9, 1870.