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The Catcher In The Rye

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    The Catcher iIn The Rye Main Events

  • Holden is in a "rest home."

    Holden is in a "rest home."
    Holden begins narrating his story from a rest home where hes gone for theropy for mental issues after being kicked out of Pency High School.
  • Holden Works in his Room

    Holden Works in his Room
    Holden is in his room wearing his red hunting hat, trying to read. Ackley, who lives down the hall, comes in and bothers Holden. Then Holden's roommate comes in to change for a date. This event sets up the conflict between Holden and his classmates and shows the difficulty he has relating to others.
  • Holden Leaves Pency High

    Holden Leaves Pency High
    After fighting with Stradlater, Holden visits Ackley's room, but can't find peace there. He decides to leave Pency right away, several days before he is supposed to leave.
  • Holden Visits Mr. Spencer

    Holden Visits Mr. Spencer
    Holden goes to see his teacher, Mr. Spencer who is old and sick. Mr. Spencer tries to lecture Holden about being a slacker and tries to convince him to think about his future.
  • Holden Writes Stradlater's Essay

    Holden Writes Stradlater's Essay
    Holden tries to get out of hanging out with Ackley by writing an essay for Stradlater. He's supposed to describe a place, but Holden can't think of one and describes his brother Allie's baseball glove that Allie used to write poetry on. This is important because it provides some backgournd into why Holden is so sad and tormented. Allie died, and Holden can't get over his death.
  • Holden Leaves Ernie"s Bar to Return to the Hotel

    Holden Leaves Ernie"s Bar to Return to the Hotel
    Holden has returned from hearing Ernie play and decides to visit another bar. While riding the elevator, the elevator operator convinces Holden that he needs a prostitute. This event begins yet another conflct, for the operator gave Holden one price, and the prostitute asks for more money. Also, it's ironic that her name is Sunny since her profession isn't exactly clean and bright.
  • Holden Visits the Lavender Bar

    Holden Visits the Lavender Bar
    Holden has made it to New York City and checked into the Edmont Hotel. He doesn't reallly have anyone to call, so he decides to visit the Lavender Room Bar. He's actually getting ready to go out, and he starts thinking about his little sister, Phoebe. This is important because it shows that he does have strong connections to at least some members of his family, and it's clear that he's capable of love.
  • Disaster Date

    Disaster Date
    Holden's date with Sally is absolutely horrible. He ends up leaving her at the skating rink after calling her "a royal pain in the ass." By leaving her there, he just reinforces what others think of him- that he's a loser. It also shows a glimpse of a temper.
  • Holden Buys Phoebe a Gift

    Holden Buys Phoebe a Gift
    Holden is killing time before his date with his friend Sally, so he decides to buy Phoebe a record. It's called "Little Shirley Beans." This is signficant because it shows that Holden tries to connect with others and does have a thougthful side. It also shows how he still connects to childhood and leads us to the lines of the poem that gave the book its title.
  • Holden Meets Carl

    Holden Meets Carl
    Holden is still spinning from his date and decides to call his old acquaintance Carl Luce. They meet in a bar and this meeting is almost as bad as the date. Holden keeps asking Carl about sex, and this really annoys Carl. Carl finally suggests that Holden get psychoanalysis. This might foreshadow that Holden is mentally ill and in need of hellp.
  • Holden Meets Up With Phoebe

    Holden Meets Up With Phoebe
    In a frantic move, Holden sends a message to Phoebe at school and arranges to meet up with her. They go to the park where he watches her on the carousel, and this makes him miss his childhood and its innocence. The reader can assume that it is this event that partially causes his breakdown because the next thing we know, Holden is in the rest home.
  • Holden Sneaks Home

    Holden Sneaks Home
    At around midnight after his meeting with Carl, Holden decides to sneak home in hopes of seeing Phoebe. Their parents are out, and Holden is able to talk to Phoebe who is sleeping in his room. This event could signify that either Holden wants to get caught and/or that he desperately needs the safety of home and family.
  • Holden Visits Mr. Antonini

    Holden Visits Mr. Antonini
    After Holden's parents returned, he had to get out fast, so he called another old teacher, Mr. Antonini, and he goes to his apartment to spend the night. He gets freaked out when he thinks his teacher tried to make a move on him, so Holden bolts out of the apartment, saying he had to go get his bags at the station and that he would return. This shows that Holden's behavior and judgment is getting more out of control.
  • Holden is in the Rest Home

    Holden is in the Rest Home
    Holden is in the rest home reflecting on the events of the past months and thinking of starting yet another school in the fall. He ende up saying, "Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody"