The Cask Of Amontillado

  • at the carnival

    they meet at the carnival
  • fortunado is drunk

    Fortunado is drun and monstresors trys to take advantage of him and take him to the vault.
  • at the catacombs

    they stood together at the damp ground of the catacombs.
  • at the vault

    they enter the vault
  • fortunado starts to cough

    fotunado start to cough and Monstresors said "lets go back." fortunado said "my cough shall not kill me."
  • he gets drunk more

    monstresor gets fortunado drunk more
  • monstresor poused

    monstresor poused aganin and this time he made bold to seize fortunado by his arm above the elbow
  • uplifting the dull torch

    it was in vain that fortunado uplifted his tourch endovord to pry the depth of the resses
  • monstresore tricks him

    monstresor tricked fortunado into reaching up and touch the top of the niche so he could hand cuff him to the wall.
  • walled up

    monstresor uncovers his tool and bricks from the pile of bones and walls fortunado up.