The Burn Journals Timeline

By ckiss32
  • Brent gets caught.

    About a week ago when he was in gym in the locker room he was fooling around and lit a shirt on fire. He freaked out and threw the burning shirt in the locker and locked it. He never confessed and the school said whoever it was is going to be in a lot of trouble. Then on this day he got caught for it. He didn't get in trouble yet but he knew he would soon.
  • Brent Sets Himself On Fire (Later on)

    Brent didn't want to deal with the trouble he was going to get into and he felt depressed. So when he got home he put on his bathrobe, covered it with gasoline, got in the bathtub, lit a match, and set himself on fire. It was a suicide attempt. Almost as soon as he caught on fire he turned on the shower and put it out because he was in so much pain.
  • Brent is Taken to the Children's Hospital (After Fire)

    Brent was taken to the hospital in a helicopter because it was the fastest form of transportation. He is put in ICU right away. He is in a lot of pain and his body is covered in over 85% burns.
  • Period: to

    Part of Brent Runyons Life

  • Brent's Friends Start Sending Him Stuff

    Brent's friends and family start to send him things like cards, letters, and pictures. Not everyone knows it was because of a suicide attempt, some people think it was an accident. A few of his friends from school called him on the phone and a few others made sound tapes and sent those to him. A few people come to visit him occasionally.
  • Brent Starts Surgery

    Brent begins to get surgery like skin grafts. He doesn't have enough healed skin on his body so they have to grow more skin for him in a laboratory in Boston. They shave his head and use some skin from his scalp for the skin grafts.
  • Brent Leaves ICU

    Brent is moved out of ICU and put into the burn unit because he has gotten better. He still has the same doctor's and nurses though. This makes him happy because he likes them. They are very nice to him and he feels comfortable around them.
  • Bent Leaves the Children's Hospital

    Brent has a going away party with the nurses and doctors. He is leaving the hospital and going to a rehab facility. He has recovered but not completely.
  • Brent Goes to Alfred l. duPont Institute

    Brent is moved to a rehab facility called Alred I. duPont Institute. It is far away from his house so his family can only visit him on weekends. He doesn't really like most of his new nurses and doctors there because they are mean. They yell at him when he doesn't do everything right away and treat him very roughly.
  • Brent is Moved Somewhere Else

    Brent is moved to a different place for druggies and people with eating disorders to help him get over his depression. He was put with a druggies. There is only a few kids in the program and he doesn't like any of them since they are all lowlifes. HE feels like he shouldn;t be there.
  • Brent Goes Back to High School.

    Brent has to go back to high school. He is very scared and does not want to go back. Especially since the bus he took there for the first time was meant for special ed kids,