The Britsish Film Industitute - A timeline

By jands
  • 1930's

    Associated picture corporation and the Gaumont British picture coropration were fpunded, creating two of the key early Bitish film studios. Annuel admissions to cinimas continued to rise through the 30's and the 40's to a peak of 1,635 million in 1946, equating and roughly 30 cinima visits per person each year.
  • Alfred Hitchcock 39 steps

    The 39 steps was realeased, marking the arival of the director Alfred Hitchcock
  • !940's

    Many key figures in british cinima exploded into the sea after the second World War. This has a great impact on the film industry. Some names include: Michael Polell, David Lean, Thorold Dickinson and Carol Reed. Ealing Studio seccured place in film history under Michael Balton, with comedies such as passports to Pimlico, Whiskey callore and Kind hearts and Coronets, all made in '49'. Also the British film academy, also known as Bafta, was founded.
  • Gone with the wind

    USA Dir Victor Flemming released this film and was a block buster in the time
  • 1941 Oscar's

    Alfred Hitchcock missed out on one of many Oscar awadrds
  • Bafta

    The British film academy aslsom known as Bafta, was founded, In michael Baltons hotel suite, at Hyde Park hotel.
  • 1950's

    The international co production was intreduced, marking the high budget films aimed at thee international audience.
    Films such as; Mogambo (1953) , Bhownai Junction (1956) and the bridge on the river Kwai (1957) mixed many Britsish and American themes and stars. It also saw the realese in many World War 2 films, such as The Dam Busters (1954) and reach for the sky (1956).
  • Hammer

    The quarter mass experiment launch the succesesful Hammer horror series of films.
  • carry on...

    Carry on Sergent started one of the longest running film series in the history of British film.
  • 1960's

    the 1960's, cinima admissions had dropped by two - thrids from th heights of the 1940's. Continued to a historical low in the mid - 1980's, with only 54 million admissions in 1984.
  • Bond...James Bond

    First James Bond movie staring Sean Connery in Dr. No. Lauching a successful film carrer and series which is still running today in 2012.
  • He wins!

    Alfred Hitchcock wins his first Oscar for his life time acheivment in the film industary.
  • 1970's

    The decade is considered one of the most dismal for british film. Hollywood dominace was paramount and American studius seemed disinterested in finacing UK movies. Attendces were dropping more and more frequently, this could have some thing to do with the relase off the very first vhs that was sod t the public in (1972). Attendence in 1960 was 501 million to 193 million in 1970. These attendences continued to drop throuout the decade.
  • Film Dominance

    Rank founded thriller such as the eagel has landed (1976) and the boys from Brazil in (1978) and the classic remake of all quite on the Western front (1979).
  • 1980's

    The 80's were considered to be a dismal decade. Film addendeces hit an all time low with figures dropping to just 54 million in (1984). The 80's cinimas were considered to no longer be suited to family entertaiment.