The boy in the striped pajamas

By Dylan_
  • The Fury and Eva come to berlin for dinner to talk to father about his big plans for Father

  • Bruno discovers he is moving from berlin

  • the family moves to out-with (auschwitz)

  • bruno is lonley and homesick

  • bruno builds a tire swing and falls off

  • mother takes credit for helping bruno after pavel cleans him up

  • bruno meet's Shmuel

  • Gretel and LT.Kolter talk alot

  • Herr List is hired to teach the children

  • bruno visits his new friend daily

  • Bruno's grandmother dies

  • mother discovers the truth about the camp

  • Father orders the family to return to Berlin

  • Bruno and Shmuel go on their first and final adventure together

  • Bruno and Shmuel get gassed in a gas chamber with many other jews