Langston Hughes

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  • Who is Langston Hughes

    Who is Langston Hughes
    Langston Hughes raised in Jophlin, Missouri and born February 1, 1902. His parents James Nathenial Langston and Caroline Mercer Langston split, which his father leaving to go live in Mexico, so he lived with his grandmother most of his childhood years growing up.
  • Langston gets to live with his mother

    Langston gets to live with his mother
    After 12 years, Langston gets the chance to join with both his mother and step father in Lincoln, Illonois.
  • Moving to Cleveland

    Moving to Cleveland
    After graduating from primary school and being elected as one of the best poets in his class in 1916 him and his mother then moved to Cleveland.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    After graduation high school in Cleveland, he was able to move to Mexico to be with his father. While on the road to Mexico with all the free time that was available for him he wrote a poem which is known today as " The Negro speaks of River"
  • Road to Greatness

    Road to Greatness
    His poem "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" was published in the NAACP in journal Crisis
  • Bye bye Columbia

    Bye bye Columbia
    With only one year of attending Columbia University in Harlem, Langston leaves because of the racial discrimination that he faces, but still loved the exposure of the talent their
  • Langston Starts to get Recognize

    Langston Starts to get Recognize
    Once Hughes moves to Washington, D.C he was a busboy at one of the hotel and noticed a special guess Rachel Lindsay and slipped one of his poems on her table. She was able to get him in contact with an editor.
  • Hughes First Book

    Hughes First Book
    His first book " The Weary Blues" was able to get published by Alfred A. Knopf
  • Communism

    After being on the road with a group of African Americans for a film that was failed to be completed, Hughes was more drawn to communism.
  • Langston is Awarded

    Langston is Awarded
    From his outstanding achievements, he was then awarded with the
    Springarn Medal
  • The American Academy

    The American Academy
    He then was awarded with being elected to The American Academy of Arts and Letters
  • Always be Remembered

    Always be Remembered
    After all his great work, he came to an end. Langston Hughes an honorable man who passed away due to the complications of prostate cancer.