Benjamin franklin 1

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

By katie d
  • Brothers business

    Brothers business
    Benjamin's brother started to print a newspaper.
  • paper writing

    paper writing
    Benjamin had began writing part of the newspaper
  • Jail time

    Jail time
    Benjamins brother went to jail by a speakers warrent.
  • Done doing the newspaper

    Done doing the newspaper
    James Franklin no longer printed the newspaper
  • Goodbye Boston hello New York

    Goodbye Boston hello New York
    Benjamin left Boston for New York
  • New home

    New home
    Before Benjamin got to Philadelphia he stop at a inn and stayed there. Once he got to Philadelphia he made it his new home.
  • Burlington

    Benajamin went to Burlington then waited until Tuesday then got on a ship and went back to New York.
  • RIP Benjamin Franklin

    RIP Benjamin Franklin
    In 1790 Benjamin Franklin passed away from old age he was 84 years old.