The Amendments of the Constitution

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  • The Bill of Rights

    The Bill of Rights
    The first ten amendments were part of the Constitution as it was originally implimented at the start of our nation. The topic of these Amendments rages from individual freedoms to the rights of the states.
  • The Eleventh Amendment

    The Eleventh Amendment
    This amendment created rules for any lawsuits filed against a state by an individual from another state or forign countries.
  • The Twelth Amendment

    The Twelth Amendment
    This addition to the Constitution stated that the President and Vice President will share a ticket in their election. This was to keep from having a President and Vice President from different parties and from a vicepresident from being able to claim the Presidency.
  • The Thirteenth Amendment

    The Thirteenth Amendment
    This was the amendment that abolished slavery in the entire United States.
  • The Fourteenth Amendment

    The Fourteenth Amendment
    After the end of Slavery, minorities were discriminated and occationally denied their natural rights. This amendment made it illegal for states to deprive any citizen of life, liberty or property without due process.
  • The Fifteenth Amendment

    The Fifteenth Amendment
    This Amendment stated that no citizen could be denied the right to vote based of race, color, or previous state of servitute.
  • The Sixteenth Amendment

    The Sixteenth Amendment
    This allowed congress to levy an income tax without appropriating it among the states.
  • The Seventeenth Amendment

    The Seventeenth Amendment
    This amendment gave citizen the right to directly vote for senators.
  • The Eighteenth Amendment

    The Eighteenth Amendment
    this is the amendment that began the Prohibition Era. It prohibits the production, sale, transportation of alcoholic beverages in the United States. Did not take effect for a year after ratification.
  • The Nineteenth Amendment

    The  Nineteenth Amendment
    This gave women of all races the right to vote, which had previously been denied for them.
  • The Twentieth Amendment

    The Twentieth Amendment
    This addition changed the inaguration of the President and Vice President from april to January.
  • The Twenty-First Amendment

    The Twenty-First Amendment
    This repealed the 18th amendment, prohibition. The 21st Amendment was the first amendment to ever overturn another.
  • The Twenty-Second Amendment

    The Twenty-Second Amendment
    This was to limit the president to two terms in office.
  • The Twenty-Third Amendment

    The Twenty-Third Amendment
    The citizens of the District of Columbia were granted the right to vote for President and Vice President by this amendment.
  • The Twenty-Fourth Amendment

    The Twenty-Fourth Amendment
    This was enacted to abolish any and all poll taxes.
  • The Twenty-Fifth Amendment

    The Twenty-Fifth Amendment
    The 25 Amendment was put in place to create a presidential sucsession in case the President were to die during his term.
  • The Twenty-Sixth Amendment

    The Twenty-Sixth Amendment
    This stated that the government could not make the voting age any higher than 18.
  • The Twenty-Seventh Amendment

    The Twenty-Seventh Amendment
    This alows congress to vote themselves a payraise. It also states that the raise will not take effect untill the next congression meeting.