Oscar 1

The Academy Awards Quiz

By Angelus
  • Mum's the word!

    Mum's the word!
    Which is the only silent movie to win a best picture award?
  • Marathon movie

    Marathon movie
    What was the longest film to win the Best Picture award?
  • A handful of awards.

    A handful of awards.
    Who won the most Oscars at a single ceremony?
  • Broadcast History

    Broadcast History
    What was special about the Oscar Ceremony broadcast this year?
  • X-Rated?

    Name the only x-rated film ever to win an oscar.
  • A Change of view

    A Change of view
    The phrase 'And the winner is....' was officially replaced......by what?
  • Vintage performance

    Vintage performance
    Who was the oldest Best Actress winner?