the 70s

  • • First earth day-

    •	First earth day-
    • • Earth Day was first observed in San Francisco and other cities on March 21, 1970, the first day of spring. Earth day is founded by a pioneer named john McConnell in 1969.- Earth Day was first observed in San Francisco and other cities on March 21, 1970, the first day of spring. Earth day is founded by a pioneer named john McConnell in 1969.
  • U.S. Soldiers found guilty for the lei massacre

    U.S. Soldiers found guilty for the lei massacre
    • - On 1968 14 officers including Samuel W. Koster massacred my lei village they were charged with many charges same year. On 1970 they were proven guilty.
  • • Kent state shooting

    •	Kent state shooting
    also known as may 4 massacres. Kent state university is in Ohio Kent. On May 4th 1970 guardsmen fired 67 rounds in 13 seconds killing 4 students and another is now paralyzed.
  • • Attica state prison riot

    happened at Attica correctional facility in New York. The riot was from prisoners demanding better living conditions. Happened on September 9th on 8:20 a.m. 2200 rebelled and took 33 staff hostage. Only 28 prisoner’s demands were made.
  • • Disney world opens

    •	Disney world opens
    this park opened October 1st. Disney made other people to buy the land for them because the people selling the land would charge more. Disney world is 47 square miles long.
  • china joins un

    originally occupied by republic of china from October 24 1945 to November 24 1971. The former occupation is People’s Republic of china.
  • kkk riot in NYC

    Occurred in central park. 3 people died in the riot.
  • • Terrorist attack Olympics

    happened on august 26. Known as Munich massacre. The gunman is a Palestinian and killed 11 Israeli athletes.
  • First video game (pong)

    released in November. Pong is a digital game of table tennis. Objective is to get a higher score. Pong was made by Atari.
  • • Abortion is legalized in us

    the people fighting were wade vs. roe. 30 states it is legal to abort but only 20 have a law in which only certain cases you can. Roe won. Roes policy was that your personal privacy includes allowed to get abortion.
  • • Sears tower built

    designed by skidmore. Was the tallest building in 73. It was 1451 feet tall.
  • • Paul Getty kidnapped

    kidnapped by Italian gangsters, died Saturday at his home near London. He was 54 when he died.
  • • Patty Hearst kidnapped

    kidnapped around 9 0 clock on February 4th. Napped by a group who called themselves the Symbioses Liberation Army, or SLA. Led by a hardened criminal named Donald Defreeze. They napped her to get the countries attention and soon later were releasing audio sateing to give them millions of dollars. Hearst became a member of the group.
  • • National speed limit 55

    drafted cause of oil prices. In 1995 the speed limit was back to 65. The nmsl was modified to allow 65.
  • • Nixon resigns

    happened august 9th. Told in the oval office on live TV and radio.
  • • Microsoft founded

    founded by bill gates. Founded on April 4th. On November 15 2001 Microsoft joins the game system race with the x box and Xbox 360.
  • • Jimmy Hoffa disappears

    disappeared on July 31. Happened in Detroit Michigan. No evidence was found. Police think he was a mafia hit.
  • • Francisco Franco dies

    dies of a heart failure in November 22. He was a Spanish dictator.
  • super bowl

    Date Played: January 18, 1976 Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys Winner: STEELERS Final Score: 21-17 Location: Miami, Florida
  • year of the snake

    year of the snake. the snake represents strengh
  • star wars relased

    director and writer is george lucas. the main characters are harrison ford, carrie fisher and mark hamill
  • 77 corvet released

    the 1977 corvet was realeased on august 4. the named it stingray additoion
  • super bowl

    teams dallas cowboys vs. denver broncos. cowboys, my favorite team won. the final score was 27 10
  • first test tube baby

    louise joy brown was the first succses full test tube baby.
    born at oldham general hospital
  • halloween

    diretor- john carpenter
    writer- john carpenter
    actors- jamie lee curtis, donald pleasence, and tony moran