The 60's

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    The 60's

  • Elvis Presley dischared from US army

  • Crown-of-thorns starfish begins ravaging the Great Barrier Reef

  • Australia to sell wheat to Communist China

  • Woman fined for wearing bikini

  • John Glenn orbited the earth

  • Martin Luther King speech

    Martin Luther King made is famous ''I had a dream'' speech.
  • Menzies first party leader to make speech on TV

  • John F Kennedy assasinated

  • The Beatles tour Australia

  • Sydney: The first hydrofoil ferry service begins

  • Dawn Fraser, youngest Australian of the Year

  • Menzies resigns as the Prime Minister

  • Australia changes over to decimal currency

  • Prime Minister Harold Holt disappears while swimming

  • Martin Luther King assasinated

  • Man landed on Moon