The 24 main reasons of World War II

  • Battle of Midway

    A battle between Japan and the US which effectively destroyed Japan's naval strength. The americans had to sacrifice 4 of their aircraft carriers though.Japan's naval strength never fully recovered after this battle and has been on the defensive ever since.
  • Rise of Fascist dictators in Europe

    Fascist dictators like hitler quickly rose in power. They were able to do this because of their aggression for expansion, they also glorified warfare and thought it was necessary to win. Fascists like Mussolini glorified acrion, violence and discipline which could frighten the other countries including their own.
  • Japanese aggression in Asia

    Japan wanted to have a dominant empire like the other western powers. In order to do this they needed to take over other countries. They took over Manchuris in 1931 but the league of nations tried to stop the aggression so Japan withdrew from the organization. Japan had overtaken a lot of eastern China in 1937.
  • Annexation of Austria

    Hitler had spread nazi propaganda to Austria where he then took over starting in 1938. He wanted Austria and Germany to become one so he forced the Austrian Chancellor to put Nazis in key cabinet posts. When the leader tried to stop Hitler from doing this he sent in his army to preserve order. Hitler made himself the new leader and stopped anyone who opposed him.
  • Munich Conference

    British and french gave in to Hitler again and had the Czechs surrender some of their land. In return, Hitler said he would not exoand his territory any more. But he will ask for more land again soon.
  • Nazi Genocide

    Hitler judged mainly jews, but also slavs, gypsies, and the physically and mentally ill. At first the nazis forced the jews into ghettos and concentration camps. But Hitler thought up a sick plan to deliberately murder all of the european jews. He did not kill all of them but he killed millions of innocent jews.
  • Nazi-Soviet Pact

    Hitler and Stalin announced a nonaggressive pact with eachother which was odd because they were enemies. This pact bound both of them to be peaceful. They agreed not to fight if the other went to war and to divide Poland and parts od Eastern Europe.The pact was based on what they needed which was access to Poland and not having to fight with each other and other countries at the same time.
  • Phony war

    The French hid down behind the Maginot line where british troops were sent to wait with them. It was a quiet time until April 1940 when the war finally started. Hitler launched a blitzkrieg against Norway and Denmark. Then he fought the Netherlands and Belgium which he both defeated.
  • Battle of the Atlantic

    Since Britian is an island they got their supplies and food from ships. The germans tried to starve them out by stopping the ships from reaching Britian.
  • Miracle at Dunkirk

    German forces were coming into france so retreating british forces were trapped between the coming nazis and the english channel. British desperately sent all available ships of any kind to get stranded troops from the beaches of Dunkirk and Ostend. They were able to save 300,000 troops and bring them safely back to Britian.
  • Fall of France

    German forces went down south to Paris. Italy had declared war on France and attached from the south. Hitler forced forced the French military to sugn surrender papers.
  • Battle of Britian

    An ariel war against Germany and Britian. Britian won because of their many advantages over Germany in technology. This battle started because the Germans wanted control of the english channel so that the british navy wouldnt be able to use it to attack them.
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Hitler unleashed a new blitzkrieg, Stalin was very unprepared when almost 3 million germans came to the soviet union. Russians destroyed their crops and farm equipment just so that the germans couldnt use them. The germans would have taken over moscow and Leningrad if it wasnt for the frigid temperatures dropping down to -4 degrees which made some of the germans freeze to death.
  • Nazis defeated

    Germany was defeated after trying to take over Russia by the Allies. They had more troops, faster production, and more advanced technology. The germans were not prepared to fight this winter battle. While they were in Russia, the western allies came to germany and invaded it and bombed it.
  • Use of atomic weapons

    The use of atomic bombs were used quite a few times. America had dropped two into Japan within a span of three days. And even before that Japan had dropped an atomic bomb in Hawaii in 1941. Our countries had been using them back and forth between WWII.
  • Use of atomic weapons

    Atomic bombs were used mostly between America and Japan throughout WWII. Japan dropped the first on in Hawaii in 1941. America then dropped two on Japan in a span of three days which led to Japan surrendering to the Allies.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    General Tojo demanded a surprise attack on the americans at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Japanese airplanes destroy many of our ships and planes, bu they also killed about 2,400 people.
  • Battle of stalingrad

    This was the turning point of WWII. Germany wanted Stalingrad because of the oil fields. Russia wanted it because it was the center of communications for the south and a center for manufacturing.The russians sent the germans into full retreat after bleeding their army dry.
  • The Battle of el alamein

    An allied battle in north africa happened in 1943. It was the allies against germany. GErmany surrendered on may 1943.
  • Invasion of Italy

    British and American troops came to Italy. They defeated their forces in about a month. Italian invasion weakened Hitler by forcing him to fight against the italians for Mussolini.
  • Battle of Berlin

    The battle of berlin was between germany and russia during the year 1945. The russians were trying to over berlin from germany.
  • United Nations

    The allies set up a group to ensure peace. In 1945 delegates from 50 nations came. Each nation of the group had only one vote. One of the 5 permanent members (US, Russia, Britian, France, China) could veto any council decision. The goal was to keep peace between the nations, they even went above and beyond and prevented the oubreak of disease, helping out other nations economically, and even improving the education of refugees.
  • Battle of Okinawa

    Another battle between America and Japan happened in the pacific ocean. Many lifes were lost and both naval systems were damaged greatly. The japanese, again, did not win this battle against america.
  • Surrender of Japan

    The united states dropped the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, Japan in August 1945. Then three days after Japan was invaded by the soviet union. Later that day another atomic bomb was dropped. After these events occured in such a short amount of time Japan surrendered to the Allies.