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  • Iron Curtain

    Iron Curtain
    Stalin didn't allow Western goods enter USSR or into soviet controlled nations. Also it had divided Communist soviet union & democratic western countries
    Where: Europe
  • India and Pakistan Divide

    India and Pakistan Divide
    India and Pakistan had divided to religious differences, causing the countries to gain independence.
    Were: India & Pakistan
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    After a year of the Soviet Union holding their people hostage in West Berlin, American planes had airlifted supplies for the people.
    where: Germany
  • Suez Canal Crisis

    Suez Canal Crisis
    Israeli armed forces pushed into Egypt toward the Suez Canal after Egyptian president Nasser nationalized the canal in July of that same year, initiating the Suez Crisis.In the ending of the crisis, the British, French and Israeli governments withdrew their troops.
    Where: Egypt/ Suez Canal
  • Soviet Union launches first satelite

    Soviet Union launches first satelite
    IN the race technology, Soviet Union proves they are superior by launching the first satellite 'Sputnik' to space in the era of technology.
    Where: USSR
  • NASA was created

    NASA was created
    NASA was created in response to the Soviet Union for releasing 'Sputnik' also was made by the fact Americans believed they were falling behind in the technology race.
  • Invasion of Pigs

    Invasion of Pigs
    Kennedy allowed a secret invasion of Cuba and used 1,500 Cubans who exited Castro's dictatorship.Which this had lead to a failure of uprising opposed to communist in Cuba by the U.S.
    Where: Cuba
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    two leaders, Ho Chi Minh, a communist leader of north wanting independence, and Ngo Dinh Diem, leader of the south wanting democracy. After time, the countries concluded a peace agreement and North Vietnam taking over making the country communist
    Where: Vietnam
  • Period: to

    Korean War

    Korean war began when North Korean communist army spanned over the 38th parallel to swarm China. The Soviet Union supported communism in North Korea and America supported the democracy in South Korea due to President Harry Truman sending forces . After 3 years of war, they decided to sign a treaty where neither country won and Korea remained divided.
    Where: 38th Parallel
  • Period: to

    Great Leap Forward

    Steel production was really cheap and low in quality. Which lead the people to melt anything they owned out of metal such as their pots,pans, and tools. This revolution was meant to promote greater production of steel which had failed and caused communes for about 5,000 families. Officials had to lie about their amount of harvests so the government can send grain abroad which caused food shortage and 20 million people died of starvation
    Where: China