Tertiary Period

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    Tertiary Period

    Pangaea split during the Tertiary Period. The Tertiary Period's climate was hot and humid at the beginning, but ended with an ice age. Many birds people see in the sky today were seen in this time period, but some flightless birds existed in the Tertiary period that are extinct today. Along with birds, fish began to flourish in the rivers and oceans. Sharks, bass, and trout were the major organisms in the water ways. Plants and flowers bloomed. Therefore the number of insects increased.
  • Period: to

    Paleocene Epoch

  • Mass Extinction

    Mass Extinction
    There was a mass extinction which killed many animals such as dinosaurs and large reptiles. This allowed the mammals to thrive. The Tertiary Period is known as the "Age of Mammals".
  • Rocky mountains were formed

    Rocky mountains were formed
    California ran into North America
  • Himalayan Mountains

    Himalayan Mountains
    India crashed into Asia.
  • Period: to

    Eocene Epoch

  • Warm Climate

    Warm Climate
    The warm climate helped dense forests grow.
  • Early Eocene Tapir

    Early Eocene Tapir
    This species came to be.
  • Middle Eocene Camel

    Middle Eocene Camel
    This species lived in North America.
  • Period: to

    Oligocene Epoch

  • Fish

    Fish prospered. Bass, trout, and shark evolved.
  • Alps

    Africa crashed into Europe
  • Oligocene Horse

    Oligocene Horse
    This animal lived in South Dakota.
  • Stone Age

    Stone Age
  • Period: to

    Miocene Epoch

  • Cooling Climate

    Cooling Climate
    the cooling climate created open woodlands and gerasslands.
  • Flowering Plants

    Flowering Plants
    Flowering plants prioduced nectar which allowed bees and other insects to prosper.
  • Glaciers

    Glaciers in Antarctica formed.
  • First Hominids

    First Hominids
    The first hominids appeared. They are human ancestors.
  • Pliocene Horse

    Pliocene Horse
    This species emerged.
  • Period: to

    Pliocene Epoch

  • Hominids start to use tools and become civilized

    Hominids start to use tools and become civilized
  • Ice Caps Freeze

    Ice Caps Freeze
    The polar ice caps froze and the tepmperature dropped. Land bridges were created which allowed plants and animals to spread.
  • Continents assume their modern configuration

    Continents assume their modern configuration