Telephone Timeline

  • The first Telephone invented

    The first Telephone invented
    Antonio Meucci invented the first telephone.
  • Period: to


  • Alexander Bell invented the liquid telephone

    Alexander Bell invented the liquid telephone
    The liquid telephone had a vertical metal cone with a piece of parchment stretched over its narrow end at the base. If you shout at the open end of the cone, your voice would make the parchment vibrate so the needle would then move slightly. The needle was wired to a battery and the converting sound waves would go into an electrical signal which would travel along the wire to a receive
  • Bell's Centennial Model

    Bell's Centennial Model
    The hinged armature was replaced with an iron disk glued directly to the parchment diaphragm, which improved the instrument’s performance.
  • First Commercial Telephone

    First Commercial Telephone
    It has a round, camera like opening on the box instrument served as transmitter and receiver and had mouth to ear shifts.
  • Butterstamp

    It is the first set with a combined receiver and transmitter that could be held in one hand.
  • Wall set

    Wall set
    People often became confused by using the same device for talking and listening so a new feature was added- a second wooden transmitter receiver. You didn't have to move the
  • Blake

    The blake transmitter greatly improved telephone service. Its walnut case has been mounted on an adjustable stand to make of the earliest desk sets. This instrument employed carbon and transmitted the voice with clear clarity.
  • Magneto Wall Set.

    Magneto Wall Set.
    This instrument was the first telephone built for the Bell system by Western is one of the first side-winder models on which you turnedthe crank to signal the operator.
  • Long Distance Transmitter

    It used a platinum diaphragm for better long distance transmitter.
  • Common Battery

    An effort to make telephoning more convenient. This was used as an improvement and sometimes resulted in acid on the carpet.
  • Dial Telephone

    Dial Telephone
    The first dial telephone exchange is credited to Almon B. Strowger. The switching equipment was sufficiently developed to permit dial installation in larger cities like New York City.
  • "500" Type Color Desk Set

    "500" Type Color Desk Set
    In 1954, telephone started to become a decorative household item. This colored telephone gained widespread popularity and started becoming available in the color white, green, blue, pink and beige.
  • Wall Telephone

    Wall Telephone
    Designed for convenience. It is mostly often used in the kitchen where counter and table space is premium. it was also used in such areas as basements, garages and covered patios. They were also available in white, green, beige, gray, pink and blue colors.
  • Speakerphone Set

    Speakerphone Set
    They are used so that your hands are free to take notes or look up reference material.It also permits conversation between groups at different location.
  • Call Director Phone

    Call Director Phone
    They are used so that your hands are free to take notes or look up reference material.It also permits conversation between groups at different location.
  • Panel Phone

    Panel Phone
    The panel phone mounts flush with the wall. A special feature is a retractable cord that winds up automatically within the set. There are two color combinations: Copper faceplate with beige handset and anodized aluminum faceplate with white handset.
  • Touch Tone Phone

    Touch Tone Phone
    The dial is replaced by pushbuttons. As each button is pressed two musical tones are generated and transmitted by a central switching office then translated into a series of pulses smaller to those made by the standard telephone dial.
  • Picture Phone Set

    Picture Phone Set
    Now you can see as well as talk. It has touch tone controls to make calls and control
    the television screen so you can see the person you're talking to.
  • Mobile Phones

    Mobile Phones
    We have a much develop technology today like texting, calling,video call, etc...