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  • THE TELEGRAPH - Samuel Morse

    THE TELEGRAPH - Samuel Morse
    The Telegraph was the best long-distance communication with. It works by centralitas. A cool way to learn it is watching a series call "Las chicas del cable". That consist of a group of girls that worked in a "centralita" where all the calls go to. Codige Morse - Was like a lenguage that was used by the persons that were talking with a telegraph. So they used this language to comunicated.
    The invention of the Telegraph was the beggining of a technological revolution in communications.
  • Multiplexing

    Is a way to trsansform one "canal" to more than one. For example the radio. The trasmition is one, but then thanks to the multiplex everybody can listen to the radio in their houses.
  • Invention of the Telephone - Antonio Meucci


    The telephone industry were developed. Now, they passed from the Telegraph to a fixed telephone. Were more modern and almost everyone had one in their home. Whit the Telegraph you had to go to a restaurant or a pubilc zone. The industry was growing to fast over the yars. With new and better telecomunications.
  • Radio

    The radio is a telecommunication system that enables the transmission of remote signals through a type of electromagnetic waves. It was descovered in 1866 by JC Maxwell. In 1887 The hypotesy was demostrated by H.R Hertz. SO we can say that the radio was invented by Maxwell and hertz.
  • First patent obtained for the Telephone - Alexander Graham Bell

  • First Bell telephone company

  • First wireless communication system

    In 1895, Marconi used the discoveres of Maxwell and Hertz to create the first wireless communication system. He commercially and patented wireless telegraphs. In 1901 he managed to convey the first wireless long-distance message detween America and Europe.
  • 22 years later and there are more than 1 million telephones in USA

  • The radio that we know now a days

    After the invention of the telegraph, the challenge was to create a sound transmission. So R. Fessenden thanks to the discoveries that Maxwell Hetz, etc did it, in 1906 he could invent the radio that we know now a days.
  • Commercial radio broadcast in USA and Europe began.

    At that moment the radio quickly began popular because was the first media that offers entertainment things.
  • First Telephone company in Spain is created. "Telefónica de España ."

  • Television

    TV is a telecommunication system that allows the transmition os sound and images, synchronised. After the radio invention the new challenge was to invent a system that you can see image and sound together. The invention of the TV was a work of many engineers like John L. Baird, Charles F. Jenkins and Vladimir Zworykin. The television broadcast started in the 30s. That allows to people to see things like the Firsts Olympic games, the arrival of the human in the Earth, etc...
  • Transistor reduce

    In 1950, the use of transistor reduced the size and cost of radio recivers.
  • Popularization of TV

    The popularization of TV took place from 1950 to 1960
  • one million phones in Spain

  • MOBILE PHONE - Martin Cooper

    MOBILE PHONE - Martin Cooper
    The mobile phone is a new wirless telecommunication system. It works by radio waves. That was revolutionary, the mobile phone alows the people to communicate with a person located in whatever plave in y¡the world. The popularitatio of the mobile begun in 1990s were the phones were smaller and the people could take it where ever they go.
  • First mobile phone telephone lines are introduced (Sweeden)

  • Liberalisation of the telecommunications market in Spain.

  • More than 17 millions fixed telephones and 37 million mobile phones in Spain.


    From the mobile phones to the mobile of now a days, there were four mobiles. Now a days, we have smart phones, this phones have a SIM card, that keep all the information. That permits to every one have their personal date in their phone. Thanks to the SIM card you can call, if you lose the ohone you can located by the GPS, etc... Now a days probably if you ask in the street, the mobile phones is where the people have their lives. Are like the new modern, digital diary of each one.
  • Nowadays TV

    Nowadays TV
    There are a lot of TV types:
    These TVs help to the nowadays TV to work. Like all, the TV had had a progress. First the TV was like a box, so big and you can only watch one channel and the image was black and white. Throw the years the TVs were evolving. Making a better image, better sound and adding new channels. The nowadays TV are so big, thin, with a really good sound and image and you can see a lot of different channels.
  • Nowadays radio

    Nowadays radio
    The radio of nowadays is so different from the first ones. There are a place where the speakers make their programs and you can hear it in your house. Also, the radio has been the basis for new inventions such as Television, WiFi connections, mobile phones, etc... Like all the inventions the aspect has changed. The speaker's zone is more modern and the radios are like speakers (altaveus) easy to move. You can also hear the radio online.